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Student Furniture

Workplace for a student: a 5-star interior and furniture!   Ergonomics of the student’s workplace, colors and useful accessories. Criteria of choice Student desk Choosing a chair: what to look for Lighting for the student’s workplace Storage systems and accessories Colour scheme Conclusion A properly equipped student’s workplace can turn study into an exciting and enjoyable […]

A modern walk-in closet with four sections, each fitted with bespoke wardrobes and illuminated by soft lighting. It contains an array of neatly hung clothes, predominantly in black, white, and gray tones. Two black stools and a stylish lamp are placed in the foreground.

Fitted Wardrobes Lighting : DIY installation

DIY Lighting for Fitted Wardrobes  Article Content:  The advantages of fitted wardrobes lighting Requirements For wardrobes Dressing room Hallway How to install Installation sequence Types and methods of connecting with your own hands Contact when opening doors Wired with motion sensor Wireless with motion sensor Possible options for installing the backlight using sensors Wardrobes Hallway […]

A modern, spacious walk-in closet with built-in grey cabinets and shelves made of luxury bespoke furniture under bright recessed lighting. A wooden staircase with brown steps and a black railing is visible on the right. The floor is made of light-colored wood.

We make real fitted wardrobes

Difference between free-standing and fitted wardrobes There are wardrobes and built-in wardrobes. Freestanding wardrobes have a frame that is not attached to the walls and floor of the room. Such a wardrobe can be moved, disassembled, transported and assembled in a new place. Fitted wardrobes, as such, do not have a frame and all elements […]

A luxurious and spacious fitted walk-in wardrobe boasts dark wood shelves and racks. Clothes, shoes, and accessories are neatly organized. An upholstered ottoman stands in the center of the room, which is brightly lit with recessed ceiling lights.

Fitted walk-in wardrobe design tips

Fitted walk-in wardrobe design: planning options and ideas We consider options of the arrangement and filling, and we also get acquainted with current trends. Article Summary: Location options Types of planning Functional features Dressing room decoration Wardrobe design: trends 2021 Summary The issue of compact and convenient storage of items is relevant for every home. […]

Sliding Door Wardrobe Tips

How to choose a sliding door wardrobe: tips before buying. Finding a place to store things in the house requires a balanced and responsible approach. Finding a place to store things in the house requires a balanced and responsible approach. A separate dressing room can be arranged only in a spacious room, as this will […]