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A spacious, modern walk-in wardrobe with neatly arranged dark clothing on hanging rods and folded on shelves. Two sets of drawers with a framed photo on one. A white upholstered stool is on the left, and a small black table with spherical lamps is on the right.

Walk in Wardrobes

If you’re looking for beautiful walk in wardrobes you have come to the right place. Bravo London offer bespoke walk in wardrobes beautifully designed and crafted to your custom, bespoke needs.

Our designers work hard to analyse what unique systems can be created for those who want bespoke walk in wardrobes. At Bravo London, our designers will work alongside you to establish a custom and truly bespoke walk in wardrobe design.

Why Walk In Wardrobes?

Benefits of a custom walk-in-wardrobe

Obviously, every person who decides to order a bespoke wardrobe system has his own reasons. Basically, this decision is made, guided by practicality and rationality in matters of space organization. In addition to saving space, you can order high-quality wardrobe furniture for other reasons:

  • the availability of each item;
  • arrangement of an empty niche;
  • layout “for themselves” in terms of size and design style;
  • the ability to rationally use the space from floor to ceiling;
  • setting up your own storage system. 

If necessary, in the dressing room you can place not only clothes and shoes, but also install built-in appliances. This solution allows you to free up a lot of space in an apartment or house. You can do more radically, for example, some people prefer to equip this room in the laundry format. Another original option is to turn the walk-in-wardrobe into a dressing room, in which there are many mirrors, and each thing has its place.

We determine the important criteria of the wardrobe system

In order for the dressing room from the manufacturer to be as convenient and functional as possible, many factors must be taken into account. This will allow to realize the author’s ideas, meet the needs of a particular owner. Before developing a project, it is best to decide on the following parameters:

  • the main purpose – perhaps only the clothes of one family member (wife or husband) will be located in the dressing room, or is it a multifunctional niche in which you need to place different things, including appliances;
  • style and appearance – this parameter depends on the previous one, for example, women prefer an elegant, graceful design, while men prefer a more restrained, concise design. Another factor influencing the appearance of the dressing room is the surrounding space. What style has furniture or decorative design of walls, floor surfaces;
  • internal modification is a “stuffing” that provides comfort and convenience, you can pick it up in several ways: focusing on the opinion of the master, taking into account the recommendations of fashion magazines or designers, relying on personal beliefs;
  • quality of materials and accessories . The main elements of the dressing room are a steel frame, sliding doors, natural wood floors. Comfort of use is provided by a wide range of auxiliary elements: vertical and horizontal rods, drawers, “elevators”, holders, etc. The comfort and duration of operation of the premises depend on their reliability;
  • the price of the finished product – since wardrobes are made to order, the site does not indicate the cost of the model. To find out the price of exclusive furniture, you need to order a calculation according to individual sizes.

Our craftsmen have many years of experience in the manufacture of furniture structures, so when drawing up a 3D project, they will prompt the most practical and reliable solutions. At the same time, we carefully listen to the wishes of the client and strive to implement them in the finished version, making the storage system comfortable and convenient for the owner.

Dressing room to order “Bravo” – a dream that becomes a reality

Bravo offers innovative solutions. That includes walk-in-wardrobes and dressing rooms. These are high quality natural wood products with bespoke sliding doors. The storage system is made in a classic style and is conditionally divided into three blocks:

  • the upper level is designed to store seasonal items and those that are rarely used;
  • the middle level is intended for everyday and outerwear;
  • The bottom tier is used for additional things. These are Tip on Blum drawers and shelves for accessories, trouser holders, shoe racks and so on.

The main highlight of our models is a double edge, which is applied to the end of the plate. This know-how ensures the originality and long-term operation of the products. A wide range of materials and components allows you to create unique, multifunctional and practical solutions.

In London, bespoke walk-in-wardrobes from Bravo can be ordered online or in our showroom. We manufacture products that provide comfort and high quality to our customers.

A luxurious and spacious fitted walk-in wardrobe boasts dark wood shelves and racks. Clothes, shoes, and accessories are neatly organized. An upholstered ottoman stands in the center of the room, which is brightly lit with recessed ceiling lights.