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A Sample of Recent Works

A white, fitted wardrobe with an open hinged door revealing several shelves, next to a wavy, full-length mirror reflecting a part of a room with light flooring.
Fitted Hinged Doors Wardrobes
A modern room featuring a large, light green wardrobe with built-in drawers and a desk on the right, complemented by open shelving on the left under a hanging light fixture.
Maximising Space and Functionality
A warmly lit hallway featuring a large, white His and Hers fitted wardrobe with closed doors, and a hanging bronze pendant light illuminating the space.
His and Hers Fitted Wardrobes
Fitted Furniture Ready to Paint
Fitted Wardrobes Delivered Ready To Paint
Fitted Furniture and Cabinet in Grey
Fitted Wardrobes and Cabinets in the Loft
White Wardrobe and Chest of Drawers
Fitted Wardrobe and Chest of Drawers in White