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A modern living room features a sleek design with light wood and dark accents. It includes a TV on a media console, shelves, sliding living area wardrobes, a white contemporary chair, a low glass coffee table, and potted plants. The room is illuminated by hanging pendant lights and natural light.

Fitted Wardrobes in Your Living Areas

When it comes to clutter, the living room can be a challenging area if you do not have a proper storage system employed. Let’s just say that since your television and music system resides in that particular area of your house, it pretty much means that almost everyone is going to be spending most of their time in living areas. If you have kids, then the nightmare may be worst.

Sliding door living area wardrobes can let you stack papers and magazines in one spot, and allow for CDs and toys to be stored separately. These living area wardrobes allow for a reduction of cost, as it’s just one piece of furniture instead of several that will more space from your room. Using several pieces of furniture can even deliver a cluttered room look, which nobody wants to live with. So, why not replace stands, tables and cupboards with a single sliding door wardrobe that is going to be spacious enough to take care of the items that need storing?

Bravo London goes a step further and ensures that although you’ll gain from the addition of a sliding wardrobe to your living area, it will not require the re-construction of any part of the room. All of our living area wardrobes are designed to fit right into the available space and merge with the interiors beautifully.

Modernise Your Living Room

The result is that the entire living area gets transformed dramatically, giving you a wonderful place to enjoy, all these due to the positive changes brought in by the addition of the sliding door wardrobes. And don’t worry about finding the one piece that matches the style and theme of your house. There is an entire range of living areas wardrobes specifically crafted to keep in mind current trends as well as traditional and classic looks.


Depending on your unique taste, you are surely going to find a much more to meet your requirements. So, don’t wait anymore. Go ahead and enter the world of luxury sliding door living areas wardrobes.

Modern bedroom featuring large sliding wardrobes with a mix of wooden and black gloss panels. The room has a minimalist design with a yellow rug, cube-shaped ottomans, and an open wardrobe section displaying clothes and shelves. Natural light filters through a window on the left, blending seamlessly with the adjacent living area.