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A modern bedroom features a large wooden wardrobe with hinged doors along one wall. The room has a cozy bed with a blanket draped over it, a soft rug on the dark wooden floor, a piece of abstract art on the wall, and a round lamp on the floor.

Hinged Wardrobe Doors

If you’re looking for beautiful hinged door wardrobes you have come to the right place. Bravo London offer made to measure hinged wardrobes beautifully designed and crafted to your custom, bespoke needs.

Our designers work hard to analyse what unique systems and solutions can be created for those who want bespoke hinged wardrobes. At Bravo London, our designers work will work alongside you to establish a custom and truly bespoke wardrobe design.

Whatever you require, you will find it some fantastic bespoke hinged door cabinets with custom options from Bravo London. No need to worry about finding the space where you’d like to fit inside your wardrobe. All the details will be taken care of by Bravo London and your hinged door storage closet will fit perfectly in the room. Maximise your bedroom space with our hinged door fitted wardrobe systems.


A modern bedroom featuring a wooden bed with green bedding, a magazine on the bed, a clear acrylic chair, and a brown ottoman. The room includes large beige hinged door wardrobes, a tall lamp, a green rug, and tall windows showcasing a garden outside.