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Under Stairs Fitted Furniture

Bravo understand the pride that our customers take in their homes, and we know the joy you feel when you finally find the beautiful storage solution you’ve been looking for.

Your under stairs area is a prime focal point of your home, whether this is your hallway storage area, in your reception, or even a feature in your living space. Wherever your under stairs is in your home, it can really have an impact on the flow of the property and can set the tone for the rest of your house.

Taking into consideration the room measurements and overall space together with your needs and desires – our fitted furniture designers will work with you to create a technical and realistic  design on what you can achieve with your given under stair space.

Bravo fitted cupboard doors

Messy hallways, lack of space and inaccessible awkward storage are just a few reasons why under the stairs are perfect for a fitted furniture solution.

Internal Carcass Colour

Each design is available in a wide variety of beautiful finishes.

You will have even more options to create a wardrobe that perfectly matches your style.

Carcass Colours

Alpine White

Light Lakeland Acacia

Light Sorano Oak

Natural Lancaster Oak

Natural Dijon Walnut

Denim Blue

Cashmere Grey

Light Grey

Dust Grey

White Grey

Premium White

Glacier White

Platinum White

Pebble Grey

Crema Beige

Smoke Blue

Fjord Green

Lava Grey

Monument Grey

Onyx Grey

Carbon Grey

Solid Black