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Sliding Wardrobe Doors – Wood & Glass Finishes

Our sliding door wardrobes make it possible to enjoy the ultimate when it comes to storage solutions. No matter your preference, we can help you select your choice from our broad variety of sliding wardrobe doors with designs and patterns of solid wood or coloured glass doors available to suit any interior design.

In some cases, single or even double doors are not enough, so we provide fitted wardrobes with up to 5 doors. It is possible to select between internal and external doors, sliding mirrored doors, as well as, sliding cupboard doors and folding sliding wardrobe doors. As an option to standard doors with mirrors, fitted sliding wardrobe doors made of wood are available.

All the doors’ panels and frames for the storage units have a key elegant finish to compliment the complete furniture ensemble in your room. You can efficiently plan for what you have available in terms of room space to get more style for the room. One investment can actually produce excellent results with our range of wardrobe doors. The return is not limited to appearance. What you get is a long-lasting storage unit that caters all your specific needs and delivered in a whole range.

Endless Range of Glass and Mirror Sliding Wardrobe Doors

When you wish to match different sliding wardrobe door colours, then our designers can provide a wide range of good quality wardrobes that are cleverly matched and mixed. Furthermore, you can just add these sliding wardrobes to any room that needs a storage unit. Whether, it will be your kitchen, home office, children’s room, living area or your bedroom – sliding wardrobes are a perfect solution for all your needs.

It is worth mentioning here that to get these wardrobes installed in your room or any other part of your house, you do not have to alter the existing construction. It means that nothing will need to be changed, broken or redesigned. The fitted or stand-alone sliding wardrobes are built to make use of available space and installed to ensure that no space is left unused. So, rest assured that the interiors and original construction will remain the same. Bravo London focuses on ensuring that added storage unit only enhance the beauty of your home’s interior.