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Built-In Furniture For Beautiful Fitted Bedrooms

We all want our bedrooms to be the peaceful and relaxing haven of our homes where we can escape the hustle and bustle of life. But let’s face it – as hard as we try, we all have had those weeks (possibly extending into months) where we have just simply been too busy to invest the time and energy into keeping our bedrooms as we like them to be. The point where all our belongings are in order, not scattered and not cluttered, and where we don’t need to tip-toe around the room to navigate our way in and out is not always within sight.

To put it simply, there is a way to make and keep your bedroom as a beautiful and tidy escape – like everything, it starts with a good foundation; in this case it’s with a beautiful and high quality storage system by Bravo London – the Fitted Bedrooms Wardrobe!

Sliding wardrobe doors make a perfect addition to your bedroom, when you look for optimal storage space that does not compromise on quality and performance. Furthermore, you get a whole range of designs, colours, patterns, sizes and shapes that blend with the planned interiors of your bedroom and yet stand out as unique in every way.

No installation problems installing fitted bedrooms and fitted wardrobes

In case you decide to add a sliding door wardrobe to your bedroom at a later stage, then you won’t have to go to the bother of altering the existing design and layout of your room. This is because at Bravo London, designers work very hard to give you bespoke fitted wardrobes that function on the existing available space in your bedroom.

If there are any twisted corners or sloping ceilings (such as those commonly found in loft conversions) then our built in sliding door wardrobes will be perfect; not only do they provide the opportunity to maximise on storage space available, but also they stylishly decorate the room whilst fitting the space like a glove. Be it slope, stairs, low ceiling or anything else along the same lines, Bravo London offers you perfect solution for all your needs.

A comfortable home comes from the efficient usage of available space. Rest assured that your room would not be crammed or overly stuffed with a storage system. The types of fitted wardrobes that we offer allow you to pick a sliding door wardrobe that matches the interiors, colour scheme, theme and style of your bedroom.

Guaranteed quality

We’re so confident in the quality of our fitted wardrobes, furniture and personalised storage solutions, we’ll give you a full 10-year product and installation guarantee.

A modern bedroom features a wooden bed frame with a matching headboard and side tables. White wardrobes with mirrored doors and drawers line the wall, offering ample storage space. These fitted bedrooms emphasize a minimalistic and functional design suitable for contemporary living.
Convenience of choice

Yes, we can make any products you want, and yes, they will be the best in the UK. We offer such a large selection so that our customers have the convenience of choice. We are certain you will find exactly what you are looking for, no matter what the project.

A bright bedroom, part of a fitted bedrooms design, features a bed with light gray bedding and a patterned throw, positioned next to a window seat with cushions. A tall wardrobe stands beside a white fireplace with decor items on the mantel. A pendant lamp hangs from the ceiling near the bed.
Professional installation

Years of craftsmanship, experience and professional expertise are behind us. Our amazing team of the most skilled craftsmen, fitters and carpenters in the industry separate us from the rest.

A modern fitted bedroom features a plush bed adorned with blue and white pillows, flanked by mirrored sliding closet doors. A small round bedside table with a spherical lamp is positioned on the left side of the bed. The room has a minimalist and chic design.

Internal Carcass Colour

Each design is available in a wide variety of beautiful finishes.

You will have even more options to create a wardrobe that perfectly matches your style.

Carcass Colours

Alpine White

Light Lakeland Acacia

Light Sorano Oak

Natural Lancaster Oak

Natural Dijon Walnut

Denim Blue

Cashmere Grey

Light Grey

Dust Grey

White Grey

Premium White

Glacier White

Platinum White

Pebble Grey

Crema Beige

Smoke Blue

Fjord Green

Lava Grey

Monument Grey

Onyx Grey

Carbon Grey

Solid Black