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A modern bedroom with a large sliding-door wardrobe featuring wooden and black panels. Inside, clothes are neatly hung with shelves for storage. An ottoman with colorful cubes and a window with blinds are also visible. The brand name "BRAVO London" is displayed, touting innovative sliding door wardrobes.

Bedroom Sliding Wardrobes

If your bedroom ceiling is angled, sloped or even low, or you have some spaces where ordinary wardrobes just simply cannot fit – then try our made to measure fitted sliding wardrobes which will efficiently use all available space and provide you with a high quality bedroom storage system.

Depending on the style and interior of your bedroom, you can pick a 2 door / 3 door / 4 door etc. sliding door closet or mirrored sliding wardrobe that seamlessly blends with your bedroom whilst adding a touch of panache and character to it.

Home Office Sliding Wardrobes

If you’ve been under the impression that our sliding door wardrobes are only meant for bedrooms, then think again. Thanks to the ever-increasing population of self-employed specialists, freelancers and people who work from home, a home office has now become an increasingly common part of the household. This means that adding sufficient furniture and modern storage system is essential and important for everybody who lives in your house. We can help you to convert any available space or even your entire room into a home office by employing sliding wardrobes. This can transform it into a professional, sleek and dedicated home office. So, whether you wish to store papers, equipment, personal computer and other related items, or you wish to add storage systems to a library or a study, then sliding wardrobe interiors are the perfect choice for you. Once your home office is set up, working there will be far more comfortable and practical and you will not feel as if you are getting suffocated in a crowded cubicle. Always remember that your working environment should be as relaxing as possible and sliding wardrobes offer a dynamic and professional look to your work place.
A modern, minimalist interior with frosted glass sliding doors separating a dining area from a kitchen. The dining area has a table with two chairs and a bottle of wine. The kitchen features sleek black cabinetry, stainless steel countertops, and sliding door wardrobes for ample storage.
A chic walk-in closet with sliding glass doors partially open, revealing built-in wardrobes, shelves, hanging clothes, and shoes. A luxurious green and gold chaise lounge is in the foreground, and a sparkling chandelier hangs from the ceiling. Large windows let in natural light.

Living Room Sliding Wardrobes

If your living room does not offer enough space or storage options, then every evening can be a nightmare for you, especially if you have children or younger family members living with you. Scattered magazines, books, papers, toys and such stuff can demand a lot of time every day from you to ensure that you don’t have a table, couch or shelving full of bits and pieces.

When you hire our sliding wardrobe company, your living room is practically redesigned without tampering with the interior theme and design. Now imagine a beautiful, glossy sliding door mirrored wardrobe that allows you to store everything systematically and efficiently. In case you want a contemporary wardrobe that fits in the space under stairs or around the TV, then we offer an entire range of beautifully designed, custom-made wardrobes to suit your requirements. The results you’ll achieve is a peaceful and clean living area that is easy to maintain and very elegant.

Childrens Sliding Bedroom Wardrobes

Childhood is all about a new dream every day, a new task that your children want to go through, a new book they have bought today and more new toys added to their collection In addition there are lots of nice clothes, shoes and many other things. Parents soon come to the conclusion that kids need a significant space in their room for their 008activities and you cannot plan on adding too much furniture, because it will simply cover precious playing space. With a wish for children to be able to move around as free as they can, then why not consider using a mirrored sliding wardrobe? Sliding wardrobes provide a lot of space for keeping and organising many things.

If you select bespoke wardrobes, then you can increase or decrease the space as per your personal need. These wardrobes will not seem alien in the kids’ bedroom, and it would be wrong to think so. There is a wide variety of wardrobes exclusively manufactured, using the colours and patterns that appeal most to children. Since these sliding door wardrobes are very simple internally, your kids have no difficulty with maintaining an order then they store their stuff inside it. This is the definition of storage with style.

You’ll thank yourself over and over when you see how clean their rooms can really be.

A modern, compact room with a bright color scheme featuring orange and white furniture. There is a desk with shelves above it holding books and decor items, a small sofa with white and orange cushions, sliding door wardrobes with a geometric pattern, and a shaggy rug.