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Bathroom Bespoke Furniture

Nowadays, the bathroom is no longer just a functional space with austere, ascetic aesthetics.

Just as in the old days, the bathroom complements and enriches the common living space, fills it with its own colours. After all, taking care of the purity of your own body is no less important component of modern life than eating or relaxing in front of the TV.

Bespoke bathroom furniture is made from a variety materials : solid wood, MFC, MDF, stone and marble, glass and chrome fittings. Its necessary property is the ability to withstand for a long time the influence of an environment with high humidity, often with an increased temperature. Another feature of such furniture is a rigid connection in design and functionality to plumbing equipment – a sink, a bathtub, a toilet bowl, a shower stall, etc.

Bravo London, as a manufacturer of custom-made bathroom furniture, is distinguished not only by an original and expressive design, grace and swiftness of lines and great quality. The most important feature of our custom-made bathroom furniture is ergonomics and intelligent space utilisation. In a room limited in area for taking water procedures, it is necessary to place as compactly as possible (and at the same time convenient) many shelves, cabinets, niches for hygiene and cosmetics, skin and hair care, electric shavers and hair dryers, towels and washcloths, as well as other no less. This makes our bathroom furniture sets truly versatile and opens up a wide range of individual creativity. We can complete the order with various options for facades, differing in design, door opening method, color scheme, use of veneer and other finishes, varnish coatings. So you will have plenty to choose from and what to apply your imagination to.

One of the most fashionable solutions for the interior of bathroom furniture on an individual project today is an overall tabletop, which is attached to the wall in a cantilever way. Horizontally extended structures made of stone, marble, glass or bright plastic look very impressive.

Guaranteed quality

We’re so confident in the quality of our fitted wardrobes, furniture and personalised storage solutions, we’ll give you a full 10-year product and installation guarantee.

Professional installation

Years of craftsmanship, experience and professional expertise are behind us. Our amazing team of the most skilled craftsmen, fitters and carpenters in the industry separate us from the rest.

Convenience of choice

Yes, we can make any products you want, and yes, they will be the best in the UK. We offer such a large selection so that our customers have the convenience of choice. We are certain you will find exactly what you are looking for, no matter what the project.

We are here to listen to your needs and preferences regarding the perfect bathroom you envision. Our bespoke design service is a great solution for everyone who insists on a deliberated design and a special attention to the detail. We will carefully explore your design style preferences and the specific requirements you would like to be combined to deliver a boutique and comfy solution made just for you.

Internal Carcass Colour

Each design is available in a wide variety of beautiful finishes.

You will have even more options to create a wardrobe that perfectly matches your style.

Carcass Colours

Alpine White

Light Lakeland Acacia

Light Sorano Oak

Natural Lancaster Oak

Natural Dijon Walnut

Denim Blue

Cashmere Grey

Light Grey

Dust Grey

White Grey

Premium White

Glacier White

Platinum White

Pebble Grey

Crema Beige

Smoke Blue

Fjord Green

Lava Grey

Monument Grey

Onyx Grey

Carbon Grey

Solid Black