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A modern walk-in wardrobe featuring wooden shelves and drawers, black accents, and warm ambient lighting. The closet has an open layout with a central pull-down hanging rod, creating an organized and stylish storage space perfect for organizing all of your essentials.

Organization of the Walk In Wardrobe

The walk in wardrobe  is essentially an ordered system of shelves, racks, baskets, etc. All of them are arranged in such a way that things are in plain sight. This is the fundamental difference between a dressing room and pantries and deep cabinets. Very often this role is played by a sliding wardrobe. This is the simplest solution, but still not exactly the same.
Usually the walk in wardrobe is a separate room or a niche in the wall. It can be in any room – bedroom, hall, living room, etc. It not only conveniently and easily accommodates all things, here you can literally enter and change clothes if necessary. A dedicated room is always better, of course. But with the help of a competent layout  you can equip a dressing room everywhere.


We list the main, most commonly used types of walk in wardrobes today:


1. Corner. It is enough to select only one free corner. Shelves, racks, hangers from floor to ceiling open up great opportunities. The entrance can be decorated with screens, doors, or even without them, which will visually expand the space.

2. U-shaped. This layout is perhaps the most spacious. But, unfortunately, it is possible to equip it only in fairly spacious, long rooms. In this case, the storage system can be used absolutely all existing ones. Shelves, bars, boxes for shoes, trousers, etc. There will also be a place for a seat, which is very convenient.

3. Linear. Reminds me of a regular closet. All racks and shelves in this case are located along one of the walls.

4. Parallel. A wonderful option for walk-through rooms. All storage devices are located on two parallel walls opposite.


You can mark the boundaries of the dressing room and separate it with the help of screens, curtains, sliding doors, “accordions”, etc.


We list the advantages of a walk in wardrobe that will determine your choice in its favour:

  • visibility and accessibility of all things;
  • maximum use of space, from ceiling to floor;
  • the possibility of individual planning, “for themselves”;
  • the possibility of placing large household appliances and other items;
  • freeing up space in an apartment or house.


In the operation of dressing rooms, certain rules should also be followed. Then it will not turn into another cluttered space, but will be very convenient to use. Things for men, women and children should be stored separately. Hanging or arranging by color will make it easier to find the right thing.


Transparent boxes for their storage are very convenient. It is logical to store outerwear closer to the exit. It is advisable to place shoes vertically, in special shoe racks. The one that is worn now, let it be at eye level. The mirror in the dressing room is an essential item. If space allows, don’t forget to get a comfortable seating ottoman. You should definitely consider an effective lighting and ventilation system, because almost always daylight and fresh air do not get here.


So, the dressing room is by no means a tribute to fashion and a demonstration of one’s own respectability. This is, first of all, the comfort of your home, significant savings in space and time. The main thing is to correctly design its design in terms of your own needs and preferences. Bravo London will help you to design the walk in closet of your dreams.


Visit our showroom and we will present you lots of different design options and material selections. Together, we will create the ultimate individual bespoke fitted furniture solution. We take into account all your needs and preferences, and work around them. Contact us and we will assist you.

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