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Modern Sliding Door Wardrobes

Modern sliding door wardrobes

Sliding door wardrobes are the most demanded attribute of the furniture interior of a modern person. Developed in the last century and brought to perfection just a few decades ago, sliding wardrobes save the space of your home as much as possible, conveniently fitting into its corners and problem areas. In modern furniture, not only the beauty of external forms is valued, but also functionality, as well as compactness. That is why this type of a wardrobe has won many fans. We offer a huge number of options, and then it all depends on your imagination and budget.

Internal Sections

The classic filling of bespoke sliding door wardrobes: wooden shelves and metal bars. The desire of people for maximum comfort encourages manufacturers to constantly complicate and specialize the “stuffing” of cabinets:

  • shelves are made movable, rotating, mesh;
  • drawers and baskets can be retractable partially and fully, with closers; wooden, metal, mesh; with cells, separators and inserts;
  • rods for clothes are located parallel to the plane of the door or perpendicular (in narrow cabinets); are retractable, lifting (pantograph), rotating in a circle .;
  • there are special modules: hangers for trousers, ties, bags, belts, scarves, jewelry, straps with hooks; all this can also move and turn;
  • mirrors inside the cabinet can be retractable and swivel;
  • built-in ironing board, iron holder – relevant for the hallway or bedroom;
  • in the closet, you can install lighting that will respond to the opening of the doors; equip a place for the work of household appliances: washing machine, TV, printer;
  • in the hallway, a retractable bench for shoes can come in handy.

A popular design solution is mirror coating . Mirrors, in addition to their direct purpose, visually expand the space. Therefore, putting a wardrobe with a mirror in a narrow hallway or a small bedroom is very practical. Mirrors can be of different shades, the colors of bronze, gold, pink, red, purple are popular.

Doors can be made of glass. There are also options here :

  • Transparent glass is suitable if you want to showcase the contents of the cabinet: books, collections. The door serves as a showcase – protects from dust and damage. Such a wardrobe can look advantageous in the living room.
  • Frosted glass comes in different degrees of transparency. Translucent glass is often placed in wardrobes with clothes, so it is more convenient to navigate in the wardrobe. White color is in demand in the Scandinavian and classic style and minimalism style.
  • Colored glass is obtained by coating with a colored film or varnishing. The film allows you to create a huge number of variations and quickly change the design. Lacquer gives brighter colors.
  • Glass with photo printing. There are three technologies for drawing a picture on glass: direct printing using a film, triplex printing – a film between glass layers; image printing on the glass itself. The last two methods protect the image better.
  • The stained -glass window is most often a pattern, but sometimes a metal wire contour is made, which is filled with varnish. Stained glass is a bright accent for interiors in Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Avant-Garde styles.
  • Embossed decorative glass looks spectacular and has many variations for different styles.

Contact our company and we will create modern sliding door wardrobes, which will have a stylish design and functional content!


We offer all possible options for sliding wardrobes:

  • angular, straight, radius
  • mirror, lacquer, with sandblasting, with varnishing, with photo printing, etc.
  • for the hallway, for the bedroom, for the nursery, for the living room.


In order for the bespoke furniture to fit perfectly, it is important to make the correct and professional measurement. Leave a request, and our specialists will come and perform all the necessary measurements. It is safe, as specialists are provided with protective equipment.