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A sleek, modern wardrobe with white, flat-panel doors and a set of five central drawers in a minimalist room. To the left, bespoke furniture includes built-in white shelves with books and a television. Natural light streams in through a window curtain on the left side.

Bespoke furniture

In what sequence to buy  fitted furniture for a new apartment and how not to forget anything?

We offer you some tips on how to furnish a house in style, with its own characteristics, and at the same time not overpay.  And what to buy first?

My home is my castle

Forget about impractical and unnecessary pieces of furniture. A new apartment is like a blank canvas where you can start all over again. Multifunctional and practical bespoke furniture in London is a new answer to the age-old dilemma in home improvement!

Answer the question: how much time do you spend in the apartment? Even an actively working person is at home at least 8 hours a day. It is enough for the phrase “my home is my fortress” to take on new shades! And so that staying in the house every day brings only joy, fantasy and ingenuity should be used in the design of the home.

What to buy first?

You are handed the keys to the long-awaited new building. First emotions and pride. But then the adrenaline in the blood subsided, and the question pops up: how to equip a new home? Repairs are ahead. And then – what furniture and in which room to buy in the first place?

We advise you to buy furniture in order of priority. The scheme is this:

Before going to the furniture store, be sure to measure the doorways in the house, along the way from the entrance from the street to each room. So you protect yourself from cases when the product, even when disassembled, does not fit into the opening.

Make a plan for future furniture. In simple words, mentally or on a piece of paper, draw where and what will stand afterwards. Take into account the ratio of the area occupied by furniture to the overall dimensions of the entire room as a whole. For the kitchen, living room and corridor, the ratio is 0.35. For the bedroom – up to 0.45.


First of all, designers recommend buying bespoke furniture in the kitchen. Every family has its own rules and habits. If you are in the kitchen and cook and eat, preferring gatherings with a large family – accordingly, you should consider an extensive kitchen set with a dining table and a corner or chairs.

Stopped at the option with built-in appliances? At first, it is worth buying it, and then under the dimensions of the refrigerator, stove, oven, etc. calculate the dimensions and details of the kitchen set.

The rest is up to your imagination. Facades in loft style, modern, minimalist or classic – there will be plenty to choose from.




An equally important purchase is the bed. A good night’s sleep and a cheerful stretch in the morning on a comfortable bed – well, isn’t it a dream? Fortunately, the modern industry offers options for every taste and colour: single, double, one and a half, bunk.

By the way, did you know that on average a person spends a third of his time on the bed? Think about the presence of bedside tables, this touch will add convenience to your evenings. You can also install a ladies’ corner – a table for makeup and an ottoman.

Oh, and don’t forget the cabinets. Modern design solutions allow you to “hide” the wardrobe, harmoniously fitting the built-in composition into the overall picture of the bedroom. And we advise lovers of order to take a closer look at the options for dressing rooms . Bravo London offers various options for execution: from minimalism to loft-style facades.

Do you want to hear “ah!” from a friend? The appearance and quality of dressing rooms from “BRAVO” will make all the neighbors go to visit you with a tour. And you will be able to proudly demonstrate the entire arsenal of your dresses, hairpins and handbags.

Fitted Wardrobes

Tell us what you associate the word “wardrobe” with, and we’ll tell you what gender you are!

For a child, this is a fabulous place where mother’s dresses live. For the jealous head of the family – a point to find a lover. In general, a closet is the basis of a happy family life. After all, if the wife has a lot of dresses in the closet, then no lover will fit there!

Ideally, each member of the family should have their own corner for storing clothes. Bravo London offers hinged cabinets, sliding door wardrobes, shelving, chests of drawers, complete dressing rooms and sets for the nursery, bathroom and balcony furniture. Each product is created individually in one copy to order, following the wishes of the client and his taste preferences.

So, if you want “the same, but with mother-of-pearl buttons” – feel free to contact the consultants of “BRAVO LONDON”. They will definitely find the best made to measure furniture solution for you.


Hallway – the face of the house


This room is the first to welcome you when you return home. And also the first to receive guests. They are greeted by clothes – this is how the folk saying goes. And it depends only on your choice what you will see first when you cross the threshold of the house. Will it be scattered shoes and a mountain of clothes on a hanger or a neat wardrobe with engraving on mirrors, a cabinet for shoes and an even series of keys that fit snugly on the key holder?

And umbrellas, hats, scarves… The list goes on for a long time. A well-designed closet will fit all of this and more. By ordering a multifunctional hallway, you can solve the issue of toys forever scattered on the floor in the corridor in one fell swoop, and hide counters or an intercom from prying eyes.

Living room


Gather with friends and family for a heartfelt conversation. Shelter the mother-in-law for a week or two. Comfortably watch football on the big screen in the evening. In all this, a properly designed and furnished living room will help you.

To meet the criteria, this room must include a pull-out sofa, a set of easy chairs, a wardrobe, a coffee table. And, of course, the TV area.

Bespoke furniture near me here performs a practical function, however, it should be presentable and multifunctional. Well, if you don’t really like mother-in-law’s visits, you can order a sofa harder.

The main principles of choosing custom furniture


Bespoke furniture for a new apartment  is an ideal option for embodying the design desires of newcomers. Having calculated the furniture for the size of the home, you no longer have to squeeze a closet somewhere or look for a place for a chest of drawers. Experienced specialists of the furniture company will help to create a project of functional furniture that satisfies both design and comfort.


What you should pay attention to when choosing:

  1. material
  2. style
  3. colour
  4. price

Production material


The appearance of the finished product and, accordingly, its cost directly depends on the materials. To understand the options from chipboard and MDF, they will help you right in the salon when creating a project.


When creating furniture to order, there are several approaches: Organization of the Walk In Wardrobe


  1. You are buying furniture for an apartment that has already been renovated. So, choose products for the existing interior and overall style.
  2. When the apartment is under renovation, picking up furniture is much easier. You can create the interior of a home, using furniture solutions as an element of design “zest. In this case, nothing limits you in choosing a style.



Did you know that the colors in the interior can both cheer up and spoil? Armed with the tips of psychologists, you can create a holiday mood in your home:

1) Light shades are suitable for people prone to mood swings. Psychologists advise creating the effect of a “weightless” interior that will not put pressure on the head, so to speak.

Also choose such furniture for small or poorly lit rooms.

2) Dark colors will suit connoisseurs of classic English interior. A touch of aristocracy is read in the shades of furniture and large windows (this is a must for rooms with dark furniture). Such tones do not distract attention and help to concentrate, therefore they are ideal for an office or library.

Also, dark furniture will help visually reduce the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room.

3) Bright colors are not recommended for use when decorating a bedroom. Acid and saturated colors disperse the imagination and stimulate the thought process.

So, if saturation is not enough for you, opt for small interior items in bright colors. The same goes for purple and blue. Their overabundance depressingly affects the psyche, so the main thing is not to overdo it!

For the bedroom, it is better to give preference to neutral shades. It can be gray, brown, dark blue.

And do not forget the rule : do not mix more than three colors in the design of one room.

4) Do you want to lose weight ? Take a closer look at the green or blue colors for the façade of the kitchen and dining area.






Money in the morning, chairs in the evening. The budget is everything. Form an estimate, think in advance what you can save painlessly on, and what item in the interior is a priority for you.

Taking the size of the budget as a basis, experts will help you create custom-made furniture for a new apartment without wasting time, effort, and most importantly, your nerves.

Saving usable space, equipping rooms according to requests and taste preferences, providing multifunctionality (and hence convenience), creating conditions for the most comfortable life – this is what bespoke furniture design is capable of.

Quality is the main criterion for such furniture. Turning to Bravo London, you will receive a range of services, consultations and solutions for your home. At reasonable prices and with European quality.

Our reputation speaks for itself, and the speed of order fulfillment will please even the most demanding client. What makes us different from competitors? Bravo London guarantees the quality of its products not for a year or two or three. We provide a 10 year warranty!

We are waiting for you in our showrooms! See you soon!