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Choosing bedroom furniture: criteria and tips

What fitted bedroom furniture to buy to make it fashionable and ergonomic.

The bedroom is a place where we gather strength and distract from everyday worries. The situation should promote comfortable and healthy sleep, but this is not the only purpose of the room. Often it also serves as a dressing room, children’s and home office. Find out what furniture should be in the bedroom for a good rest, convenient storage of things, and sometimes even work.

How to choose furniture for the bedroom

The list of furniture is small and mostly standard: bed, bedside tables, wardrobe. Consider the criteria that must meet the furniture.

Style and colour

Stylish and color interior design is the first thing you need to start from. Popular styles:

  • Neoclassic;
  • Provence;
  • Eco-style;
  • Minimalism;
  • Hi-tech;
  • Loft.

This criterion affects the materials used (traditional wood decors of chipboard and MDF or modern acrylic and HPL panels), the degree of gloss of surfaces (velvet matte or mirror-gloss), fittings and décor.

The palette of the bedroom is dominated by neutral white and pastel tones, sometimes diluted with bright spots. Suitable cream, light green, peach, purple. Before choosing the color of bedroom furniture, you should turn to the intricacies of psychology. All colors are divided into soothing and stimulating. The latter do not need to look for a negative connotation: they simply have a stronger effect on nerve centers, invigorate, recharge energy, while sedatives relax and relieve fatigue.

You can find their harmonious combinations. Here, calm Berlin azure and energetic yellow complement and balance each other. Let the color of the furniture in the bedroom corresponds to your tastes and preferences, because your favorite shades are always pleasing.


Unload space from unnecessary items. Bedrooms in modern apartments are quite modest in size, and the bed itself takes up a lot of space. For the rational use of each square meter there are the following functional fitted bedroom furniture solutions:

  • Transformers. These are not only the usual folding sofas (although they also have to pay tribute), but also folding or built into the closet beds, shelves and chests of drawers that turn into a table and more.
  • Storage systems and fitted wardrobes filling. Shelves, stationary and pull-out shelves, baskets, pantographs and micro lifts will help maintain order and rationally store clothes, shoes, bedding.
  • Sliding wardrobe door mechanisms. Equip sliding door wardrobes with drawers or make them under the bed. Some bed models come with a special niche under the mattress / headboard. Make bedding or seasonal items there.


It is not enough to choose furniture for the bedroom, because they still need to be properly arranged. You can do this:

  • Symmetrically. Do you like perfect order? Lay an imaginary axis and place the elements strictly on both sides.
  • Asymmetrically. Salvation for small and non-standard rooms. To balance the situation, combine large and small objects (high closet and low bed).
  • In a circle. Choose one central point and start from it. Let the dimensional things be closer to the center, and small – on the periphery.

Recommendation: Do not rush to buy the first headset you like. It is better to take measurements again and make sure that there is enough space for free movement around the room and the location of other items (cabinets, mirrors with ottoman, chairs, etc.).

King-size beds and large sideboards are not suitable for everyone. In the studio apartment to save space, the bed can be placed so that it is adjacent to the wall on one side. Even better – in the corner. But in a spacious room with a double bed, make sure that everyone can easily approach him from the right side.

If it is necessary to divide functional zones without bulky partitions (for example, to arrange a place for work or reading), do it by means of a case or modular system. Zoning furniture is a convenient and easy way to do it.

A few more tips on placement:

  • The bed with a headboard near the wall causes a feeling of greater security and comfort than located in the center. However, a headboard by the window or battery is not the best option.
  • The place in front of the door is uncomfortable to sleep. In addition, there are possible drafts.
  • Maintain a sufficient distance between the elements of furniture. The passage must be at least 0.5 m.
  • Approximately 1 m in front is required for the swing door and drawer to open normally.
  • Avoid sharp corners.

The bed is the main attribute

What furniture to put in the bedroom and where to start? Of course, the epicenter of attention – the bed: its design, size, the presence of drawers. It can be a separate item or part of a bedroom set, when everything is maintained in a single style and color scheme.

The quality of sleep directly depends on the mattress. The orthopedic mattress which takes the form of a body guarantees high-grade rest. The material for the frame must be environmentally friendly. The ideal option is natural wood: oak, beech, alder, etc. Varnish or paint used for wood treatment must also be safe. A more affordable alternative is MDF and particleboard (pay attention to the formaldehyde emission class!).

There are also structures made of metal and with soft upholstery. Wrought iron is suitable for the style of Provence.

Tip: Pay attention to the base material. Flexible slats are more comfortable than springs or mesh.

Beds on legs, the space under which “walks” – is a luxury. Pay attention to the models with laundry compartments mentioned above.

Other furniture

Let’s continue to understand what furniture to choose for the bedroom. Depending on the area of ​​the room and functional areas, the bedroom set (bed + bedside tables on both sides) is complemented by:

  • Chest of drawers;
  • Shelving;
  • Mirror;
  • Dressing table with banquette or ottoman;
  • Desktop (if needed).

A sliding door wardrobe will solve the problem of storing things, and mirrored doors will eliminate the need to install a massive floor mirror. If there is not enough space to install a cabinet, you can do with high shelves or a chest of drawers. This is enough for bed linen and various trifles. The mirror above the chest of drawers will visually expand the space.

Dressing table – a traditional attribute of the “female” interior. Consoles with cute accessories (vases, statuettes, candlesticks) will also be an exquisite addition to the composition. Stylistic and color design of furniture should be integral and harmonious. Remember that light decors make the interior lighter.

Equipment and accessories

In the living room it would be ideal to abandon the equipment. However, it is usually impossible to do without it. If there are several TVs in the house (some people prefer football and some people prefer TV series), one of them can be hung on the wall in front of the bed. It is important to place the screen correctly – at a height of 1-1.2 m (at eye level). The optimal distance from the TV to the eyes is calculated by a simple formula: the screen diagonal is multiplied by 3.

A humidifier will be a useful gadget. Among other accessories – nightlights, electronic watches with backlight, aroma diffusers.

Let the décor be unobtrusive. Appropriate table lamps, sconces and floor lamps, mirrors in beautiful frames, vases and travel souvenirs. On the walls you can hang a picture in the right color scheme or a few favorite photos.

5 tips for choosing bedroom furniture from Bravo London

Bravo London advises:

  • Do not clutter the room with unnecessary items. It is better to think about how to increase their functionality, for example, through the internal filling, niches and drawers in the bed.
  • Furniture design should be holistic. Carefully selected decors of board materials, front accessories in uniform style will help with it.
  • Mirror elements and bright glossy decors make the room visually larger.
  • Pay attention to the environmental friendliness of the materials used.


The bedroom is not just about sleep. It often serves as a dressing room, home theater and office. To choose the right furniture for the bedroom, consider its purpose and size, remember about the items-transformers and functional accessories. Take a responsible approach to color design and selection of materials. From technology, let it be only the most necessary, because here the priority is your rest and comfort!