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Smart Home. Smart Fitted Furniture

Be smart! What is a “smart home” and smart bespoke fitted furniture?

In today’s world we live under the motto “catch up”. In such a busy schedule, it is not always possible to take care of your own comfort. But imagine a house that will do it for you! It will warm the room and the floor until morning to make it more pleasant for you to wake up. It will wake you up with your favorite melody, turn off unnecessary devices and perform many other daily tasks that are so difficult to keep in mind and control. Delegate your routine and enjoy your relaxation! Can bespoke fitted furniture also be smart?

Smart home system

Manufacturability has become one of the main design trends of 2021. The desire to save time on a routine and direct it in a more interesting, useful direction – is quite natural. And innovation contributes to this. The “smart home” system is a kind of intelligent network of technical devices. They adapt to your rhythm of life and habits, take care of safety, convenience and energy efficiency. Sort of a butler and a security guard in one person.

How does smart home technology work?

Smart home is a broad concept. First of all, it is a comprehensive management system “smart home”. This is a set of devices (heating radiators, lighting, alarm, etc.), which are controlled from the terminal. Usually the terminal device is a smartphone, computer or a tablet. The screen displays all connected appliances. The devices are interconnected and exchange data. The “brain” of the system is the CPU. It responds to different situations and runs algorithms.

The smart home management system is simple. One click – and your property is connected to you. Information and commands are entered through the display, motion sensors, as well as gestures or voice. They are processed in the central control point. It runs commands through various data transfer standards. You can heat the room to the desired temperature before returning, ventilate it, schedule washing and cooking.

In addition to such a multifunctional system “smart home” in the apartment, there are separate devices and accessories that help in everyday life. These are wireless charging stations, touch switches, etc. We will consider them further.

The main elements of the system “smart home”

What is included in the system of “smart home” depends on your idea of comfort and ergonomics. There are 3 groups of tasks that devices perform:

  • Energy efficiency;
  • Comfort;
  • Security.

You can group different devices in your own way and create scripts. For example, the Sleep script will turn off the light or dim it with one click, close the curtains, and lock the locks. Settings are individual and thought out to the smallest detail.


Saving electricity is first of all switching off the equipment when no one is at home (automatically or through a special application). Energy consuming appliances should not work around the clock. Program them with smart sockets. Schedule on and off times for each day, or activate remotely when needed. For example, turn on the boiler a few hours before returning home.

This is often also a matter of security. Can’t find a place for yourself because you forgot whether you turned off the iron or not? Most routine processes are performed on autopilot. Remote access to the devices will save many nerve cells. The general condition of the network is also always under control. Overheating, surges, fire – if something goes wrong, you will receive a notification and respond in a timely manner.


The light should be organized so that it adapts to any situation and mood. That is why there is basic, working and decorative lighting. Light sources are combined into groups. And so that the control does not turn into a “game on the switches”, create lighting scenarios: “Party”, “Vacation”, “Romantic dinner”. Scripts are switched with one button.

Touch switches will be a useful addition – both for general lighting and for illumination of functional areas and individual furnishings. There are models with different range and mechanism of operation: door opening, movement, touch, and combined.

The area around the private house is a separate space for imagination. Landscape lighting will create a fabulous atmosphere there. You can also use the Lighting control modules to set your bespoke fitted furniture settings.


The “smart home” system protects the house from uninvited guests and from emergencies inside. Opening sensors are connected to all doors and windows. Cameras and motion sensors are installed in the rooms. Going to the country, flying away on vacation, going to work or leaving the child with a nanny, you are calm, because at any time you can check the situation. Thanks to video surveillance, you will see everyone who called the intercom, even in your absence.

We have already mentioned the remote shutdown of equipment. The sensors also monitor gas leakage and water flow. When a dangerous situation arises, they are triggered, the safety valves are closed, and your home is safe. Another important aspect is fire alarm and fire extinguishing.

Climate control

They sing about the importance of the weather in the house. Climate control systems help maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity, control air conditioning, heating, ventilation and underfloor heating. At the same time, the equipment works only when it is needed. Underfloor heating is turned on in the morning in the bedroom and bathroom. When the family leaves home, the heating goes into economy mode. Consequently, utility bills are reduced.

And this is not all that a “smart home” can and can do. Thanks to special temperature sensors, it responds to weather conditions: turns off excess heating, turns on snowmelt, and so on. In addition, it is possible to create separate “climate zones” in residential and non-residential premises. You can also control the curtains and blinds to adjust the amount of sunlight in each room.

Home appliances and accessories

  1. Multiroom systems. Let’s start with entertainment and multimedia. You can set up a home theater, play video and audio in the highest quality and in different rooms at the same time. Or, conversely, create several separate video and audio zones. Devices connected to the system are controlled from a smartphone, tablet or remote control (1 for all equipment, which is very convenient)! Another useful option is to connect the intercom to the speakers, which will notify guests.
  2. Delayed start equipment and other functions. Some “representatives” of home appliances also contribute to everyday comfort. Ovens, washing machines, robot vacuum cleaners adjust to your schedule. Timers start cooking, washing, cleaning and other processes when you need them. Even coffee machines are equipped with a delayed start: you wake up, and a cup of your favorite aromatic drink is already waiting for you.
  3. Kitchen appliances are controlled from smartphones or with the help of a voice assistant. These are, in particular, hoods. Turn them on and off, change modes, adjust the power and brightness of the backlight. And futuristic design will make such hoods the center of any interior.

Smart bespoke furniture

Technological accessories for bespoke furniture are next. These include wireless chargers and socket units from ASA Plastici and Bachmann. You no longer have to choose what to donate – a TV or charging a laptop. There is a free slot for all devices. Plus there are separate USB-slots. There are sliding models (conveniently installed in the tabletop), sockets with lids, blocks in the form of kitchen baseboards. Those can be integrated into fitted wardrobes, kitchens or even your sliding door wardrobe. Catering for ergonomics is the crucial element of designing bespoke fitted furniture, and deploying the technological elements ensures that the user is left not with just a beautiful furniture element, but also a useful and functional one.