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A spacious home office with a white L-shaped desk, brown leather office chair, and bespoke cabinet furniture filled with books and decor. A computer monitor sits on the desk. The room has large windows with shutters, gray carpet, and light gray walls.

What is bespoke cabinet furniture

What is bespoke cabinet furniture

The overall picture of the room is formed by the furniture. These designs provide the functionality of the room, set the mood, support the stylistic direction in the interior. Bespoke cabinet furniture is something that no room can do without. Such options are installed in the living room, corridor, kitchen, bedroom and nursery. This category includes cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves, computer tables, racks and other elements based on a frame. Cabinet furniture is formed from horizontal and vertical surfaces, forming an integral structure. The main purpose of such items is the placement and storage of various things. What are the advantages of these structures, how to choose them, and what materials are used to create cabinet-type units?


Design features

The carcass is the rigid base of the product. It consists of horizontal or vertical elements that are connected to each other at right angles. Other details are attached to the body that create space for storing things: sections, shelves, doors, fittings and rails. By design, the furniture is divided into:

  • sectional;
  • block;
  • combined;
  • rack.

The main elements of products of this type are: doors, rear and side walls, covers, bottom. The former not only hide the filling inside, but also perform a decorative function. On sale are models of different shapes and sizes to furnish rooms of any purpose. The catalogs of some manufacturers also include upholstered cabinet furniture, which is additionally equipped with drawers for storing things, voluminous armrests with sections, which increases its functionality.

Execution materials for bespoke cabinet furniture

The main materials for the production of bespoke cabinet furniture are: MDF, chipboard or chipboard, solid wood. The first three are characterized by excellent strength, easy to process. Designs from these materials are represented by a variety of styles and colors.

Solid wood furniture embodies elegant design. These are the most durable and reliable designs that are used in classic and modern interior solutions. But their cost is higher than the price of MDF or chipboard products.

The rear walls of the structures are covered with plywood sheets, and the front facade can be decorated with doors made of glass, metal, bamboo or enamel.

Benefits of bespoke cabinet furniture

Buying bespoke cabinet furniture allows you to create a “wall” or “corner” according to your own preferences, to equip the room with only the necessary elements. Assembly options are individual. But this is not the only advantage of cabinet furniture. Other advantages of such structures:

  • mobility. You can disassemble the “wall”, change the position of the constituent elements, supplement it with new items. It is easy to plan the interior and expand the functionality with it;
  • versatility. Among the variety of options, you can choose solutions for the chosen style, classic or modern. Individual cabinet furniture will fit into any interior;
  • functionality. In such systems, you can place a large number of objects and things, horizontal surfaces are used as a place for appliances or decorative elements.

Many manufacturers offer bespoke furniture manufacturing services. This will allow you to create items with an exclusive design and parameters that will help you rationally use the free space in the room. The cost of cabinet furniture is formed by the number of elements, dimensions and materials of execution. You can assemble a set that will allow you to meet the planned budget for the furnishings of the living room, kitchen, hallway.

Selection Guide

Bespoke cabinet furniture provides comfort and convenience for all family members. In order for it to fulfill its functions for a long time, it is necessary not to rush into the purchase and competently approach the choice. One of the main criteria is the size and materials. Cabinet furniture must be durable, reliable, rigid and stable. Please note that floor and hanging cabinets are not recommended to be interchanged.

Another criterion is the design of bespoke cabinet furniture. It should be in harmony with the chosen stylistic design of the room, complement the overall picture in the interior. In the manufacturers’ catalogs there are options for classic and modern trends. Consider the combination of elements and their placement. Doors or drawers should open freely, not block access to other sections or blocks.

Make a purchase from reliable, trusted manufacturers who use quality materials and provide guarantees for their products. Such products will last a long time, retain their functionality and appearance for a long period of operation, and help create an interior filled with a unique atmosphere and personality.