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Custom made furniture for irregularly shaped walls FAQ 101

The layout of some apartments is surprising in its forms. In the houses left over from older times, as well as in new buildings, you can find rooms where walls do not allow you to properly and conveniently install a sliding door wardrobe or even toilet.

Improper planning brings a lot of inconvenience, depriving the idle of a decent area of the room. But do not be upset if you become the owner of such an original apartment. Competently arranged it, you will get an interesting interior, which will be envied by the owners of the usual planning. Rough walls are a wide field for imagination and fresh solutions in terms of design.

We want to note that if the deviation from 90 degrees of the wall is about 2mm.-5mm., Irregularities are not visible and no problems should arise, but unfortunately most of the walls are not really equal. Very often in new homes there is already a place for a closet, and basically it is a ready niche for construction. In such cases it is necessary to apply a decorative lath which installation is made on a place repeating roughness of a wall, and the cut off end is processed by a decorative edge.

In most cases, it is difficult to design the measurement of the product are structures of irregular geometric shape, this often occurs in rooms such as attics, arched balconies, openings under stairs, niches and any other room where the walls are not at right angles. This requires an accurate measurement that depends on the specialist. In some cases, especially in the manufacture of tables, tubes of complex shapes have to make furniture in three stages. First, the lower part is made, then a template is designed for the future tabletop, this is necessary when a special requirement is the connection of the tabletop to the wall, and the template is made future tabletop, and the third stage is the installation of custom made furniture for odd shape space.


Non-standard planning is not a problem, but a highlight

The best way out of this situation – custom made furniture. With the help of experts, you will see a lot of opportunities to beat the protruding angle, curved wall or seemingly useless niche. Properly chosen wardrobe or dressing room to align the shape of the room, using every inch of space.

If your house has a long but narrow room, a sliding partition will help. In the part where there is no window, you can separate a small area and use it as a built-in toilet. So the second part of the room will be more comfortable.

If you are lucky, and in a long room there are two windows, it can be divided into two dwellings by means of the same partition. Even if it will be two small rooms, it will be more pleasant in them, than in one big, but with non-standard planning. You can also divide the room into two parts with a double-sided rack, leaving a small space for the passage. Although the rack is stationary, it can hold many small things that usually cause clutter.

The third option for a long room is a podium. A small increase will visually divide it into two zones. The podium can be used for anything: a bed, study or kitchen. By choosing the right colours, materials and custom made furniture, with the help of the podium you can make an exclusive design.

Uneven walls and heel corners

There are often layouts where one wall is noticeably sloping. In this case, it is better to use the living room. In front of an uneven wall you can place a sofa and decorate the wall itself, install several shelves on it, install a TV stand or an artificial fireplace.

In order to comfortably equip a room with two doors, i.e., a passage, you can use the same sliding partitions. In this case, the bed is located near the window, and in the walk-through area is a wardrobe or equipped workplace. The partition can be decorated in any style, so it will be the highlight of the interior.

Not everywhere, but there are still rooms with five corners. For many, this is a tragedy, but talented designers can get the most out of it. The easiest way is to zoning the room. If planning allows, but a partition or wardrobe can separate a flat part, using it under the bed.

And the space with an extra corner can be equipped with a living room. In the case of a small area of ​​the room, the area with an acute angle can be used for a built-in toilet. Direct sliding doors align the main housing, and in the space behind them are mounted shelves and crossbars to individual dimensions.

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There is one nuance in the manufacture of custom furniture, it is the expectation of the final result from the ordering process to the finished product, we have this process taking only three days!

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