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A modern, minimalist attic bedroom with grey storage units, light wood flooring, and a skylight. The room has built-in shelves and drawers, a single bed frame, and walls lined with subtle, textured wallpaper. Natural light illuminates the space—perfect for those seeking minimalist bedroom ideas.

Minimalist Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

When you browse minimalist bedroom inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, it’s always the same. Huge, spacious rooms; massive windows throwing lots of natural light across the space; white floors and rugs that have never ever encountered a grubby footprint; perfectly tousled blankets on a low-lying bed. 

But what if you want to design your perfect minimalist bedroom but you don’t have lots of space to work with? What if your room is prone to clutter and you can’t imagine keeping a white rug clean for more than a day? Especially if you live in a small home or have kids or pets, the minimalism aesthetic can seem entirely out of reach. 

But don’t worry – you don’t need a bedroom the size of a tennis court to successfully pull off the minimalist look. And you don’t need to struggle to keep the bedroom clean and tidy at all times to make the space look amazing. With these achievable and effective tips, you can turn a tiny bedroom into a minimalist masterpiece. Let’s get started.   

What do we mean by minimalism?

Not just limited to interior design, minimalism refers to a style of art, design, music, theatre, or more, which is simple and intentional. In art, minimalism means using a very small range of colours and materials to create maximum effect. As a lifestyle or philosophy, minimalism refers to reducing one’s belongings in order to focus on the things that we most value. In short, it’s about doing more with less. 

The minimalist style in interior design is characterised by clean lines, monochromatic colour palettes with limited colours, bright natural light, and simple but functional choices of furniture and decor. A minimalist space is beautiful and relaxing; every item in the room is carefully chosen for both form and function. While some people assume that a minimalist colour scheme must be all white, greys, beiges, and other muted and natural-looking colours feature heavily. 

What’s the appeal of minimalism?

As one of the most popular interior design styles of recent years, people are drawn to a minimalist bedroom design for a variety of reasons. 

It’s calming: Compared to the chaos and noise of the outside world, minimalist interior design makes your home feel like a soothing sanctuary. Research shows that cluttered spaces have a negative effect on our wellbeing, increasing our stress levels and reducing productivity. In contrast, a minimalist and calming space can help us feel happier and more relaxed.

It’s budget-friendly: In comparison to other design styles, minimalism doesn’t require a huge investment. All you need to buy (or thrift, refurbish, or make) is a few key elements to tie the space together. There’s no need to spend money on lots of knick knacks and decorations for your space – minimalist living is all about doing more with less. 

It can make a space feel bigger: Finally, minimalism has become extremely popular since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic where people found themselves stuck inside their homes. Looking for ways to gain more space, opting for a minimalist aesthetic became a popular way for people to revamp their living space and make it feel more open. 

Now that we’ve looked at some of the benefits of minimalism in your home design, it’s time to share our best bedroom ideas to help you create your perfect small minimalist bedroom. 

Think carefully about colour

When trying to make a small bedroom feel bigger, one of the most important things to consider is colour. This doesn’t just mean paint – although white walls can work wonders to make a space feel bigger and more minimalist – but also refers to the colours of items like curtains, duvets, rugs, wardrobes, and more. Light and natural colours such as beige and grey will reflect the room’s light and make the space feel bigger.

Try to avoid too many deep or dark colours that absorb light and can make a small room feel even smaller. However, small amounts of darker colours can work effectively as accents, for example a deep brown wooden headboard or black legs for your nightstand. Even a well-placed accent wall can bring dimension and interest to your room.

Don’t feel limited by your colour palette. When you pare back your colour palette, you don’t want to make the bedroom feel boring or stark. A pop of bright colour can also add visual interest and personality to the room, perfectly tying the whole design together. For example, a vibrant pillow, funky lamp, or bright green potted plant can elevate a minimalist bedroom from good to great.  

Focus on storage

A clutter-free space is essential to achieve the minimalist look, but all that stuff still needs to go somewhere. This is why rethinking your bedroom storage is essential if you want to create your minimalist masterpiece in a room with a small footprint.  

One of the best ways to maximise your storage space in a small room is by using fitted wardrobes. With a bespoke wardrobe designed to fit the contours of your space, you can ensure that all the clutter finds a home in a space-saving and stylish wardrobe. It’s the best way to use space effectively and ensure that mess doesn’t get in the way of the attractive minimalist bedroom idea you have in mind. 

Create clean lines

Clean lines are visually appealing and bring a sense of harmony to your minimalist bedroom. One of the best ways to ensure this is by opting for sliding door wardrobes. Simple, elegant, and clean-looking, a wardrobe with a sliding door creates a subtle but stylish effect and has no handles to ruin the effect.

Opt for a wood finish to bring a warm and organic element to your minimalist bedroom. Choose a reflective glass or mirror to make your space feel bigger and brighter. Or, use a combination of both to bring balance to the room. Sliding door wardrobes are both versatile and functional, helping you perfect your minimalist design. 

Add a touch of nature

Nothing makes a minimalist bedroom pop like a touch of nature. Potted plants on a nightstand or windowsill are a great way to make your room feel organic and lived in. But don’t worry if you seem to kill every plant you touch: there are other ways to bring the natural world into your bedroom. 

Organic materials like wood bring a touch of the natural world to a minimalist space. A headboard with a gorgeous wood grain can act as a focal point in the bedroom, while a wooden nightstand or chest of drawers can also perfect the minimalist look. Choosing bedroom furniture with natural elements is a great way to elevate your space. 

With minimalist or industrial design styles, the endless all-white bedrooms sometimes run the risk of seeming overly sterile or cold. By introducing some more organic nature-inspired elements such as a wooden side table, rugged exposed brick wall, or eye-catching linen curtains, you can offset this effect and make the space feel cosy and relaxing.  

Be intentional with decor 

A minimalist bedroom redesign doesn’t mean you have to throw out all your favourite decor; it just provides an opportunity to think about what adds to the space. Too many photographs, posters, fussy light fixtures, and cushions in a small bedroom can make the room feel even more cramped. Instead, try to limit the decor to a few key pieces that complement each other and the rest of the room.

Maybe it’s a single stylish mid-century lamp, a favourite black and white print on the wall, a gorgeous wall hanging, or a subtle plant pot. Whatever you choose, the important thing is that it makes you happy and fits with the minimalist feel of the bedroom. 

Most importantly, make your minimalist bedroom work for you

As the room where you spend approximately a third of your life sleeping, it’s crucial to make sure that your bedroom works for you. Whether you fully commit to the minimalist look by throwing out all your decor or instead take inspiration from minimalism while putting your own spin on the design, the most important thing is that it makes you happy. 

Here at Bravo London, we’re not here to tell you how to design your bedroom. We just help you bring your ideas to life. 

Offering bespoke fitted and walk-in wardrobes and stylish space saving solutions for every room of your home, we’re here to help with all your design and installation needs. 

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