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A well-organized dark wood closet features shelves with neatly arranged luggage, bags, folded clothes, and hats—perfect clothes storage ideas. A hanging rack displays dresses, and two large drawers are centered near the bottom. Gentle lighting highlights the shelves.

Clothes Storage Ideas For Your Home

If your clothes are spilling out of your closet, your shoes can’t all fit on the shoe rack, and there’s a dangerous chance of your floor becoming a floordrobe, we’ve got some news for you:

You need better storage space.

While most guides to optimising your wardrobes tell their readers to start by culling their closet, that doesn’t sit right with us. The issue isn’t that you have too many clothes; it’s that you have too little storage

With this in mind, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to storage ideas for all your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Read on to learn out most effective tips and tricks for maximising your storage solutions without needing to throw anything out. 

Use your wardrobe doors

Wardrobe doors are one of the most under-utilised opportunities for space saving storage. If you have hinged wardrobe doors, you can use over the door hanging storage on the inside of the doors for small items and accessories. Invisible from the outside, this wardrobe storage idea is a great way to make the most of your space and keep small items well organised and easy to reach. 

Make the most of an awkward corner with a fitted wardrobe


A corner wardrobe for storing clothes in a room with sloped ceiling and a roof light window.

Whether it’s a small space under a sloped ceiling or a hard-to-reach corner, finding storage solutions that make the most of these awkward spaces is key. Bespoke built-in wardrobes allow you to maximise storage in a small or hard-to-reach space. For example, wardrobe doors that match the angle of the ceiling, curved corner rails, and even pull down hanging rails are creative solutions that allow you to gain additional storage space in tricky spaces. 

Think carefully about what types of items you want to store in these out-of-the-way spots. A smart storage solution in an awkward corner is a great place to put your off season clothes and shoes. Then, you can rotate the out of season items throughout the year to ensure you always have easy access to the things you need. 

Choose a stylish clothes rack

Why keep your best pieces hidden away in a wardrobe or drawer? A clothes rack has the dual benefits of providing extra space for clothes storage while also acting as an attractive feature in your room. You’ll be surprised at how much difference the right rack and clothes on hangers can make to bring a pop of colour and visual interest to your room. Plus, it makes it easier to decide what to wear when your favourite colours and fabrics are on show in front of you! 

Use vertical space for bulky items

In small rooms, vertical space is your best friend. Storing bulky or less frequently worn items higher up frees up space in your wardrobe and makes it easier to find what you need when you need it. 

For example, one of our favourite storage ideas is above-the-door shelves. Making the most of this usually under-utilised space, shelves over your door provide a great space for storing bulky sweaters and coats or even less-used linens such as towels and blankets. Just make sure the items are stored neatly and are not at risk of slipping down and blocking the door! 

Think outside the box… and the bedroom

Who said you need to store all your clothes in the bedroom? If wardrobe space is a challenge in your bedroom, a creative but less traditional approach is to make the most of storage space elsewhere in the home. 

One of the best solutions for this is under-stair storage. Ideal for those less-frequently worn and seasonal clothes, storage under the stairs can help free up space in your closet and declutter your bedroom. 

Under-stair shelves and cupboards are ideal for shoe storage but they can also be great for clothes. Pair your storage solution with vacuum bags or foldable drawer organisers to make even better use of the space. 

Use drawer organisers

Just because you own a lot of items doesn’t mean that your clothes storage can’t be organised. Using organisers in your drawers is a great way to separate out different types of clothes and ensure you can find the right thing every time. For example, organisers for t-shirts, socks, or underwear can help keep everything neat and tidy in your wardrobe. 

Consider a walk-in wardrobe

Not just for homeowners with an abundance of money and space, walk-in wardrobes can be one of the most effective ways to maximise your space for clothes storage. Despite the name, you don’t need an entire room available for a walk-in setup – a bespoke corner design can maximise closet space and add a touch of luxury to your bedroom without needing to take up a whole room. Moreover, a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe provides a huge amount of space for hangers, drawers, and open shelving so you can store clothes however you like. 

Storage on wheels

A bar cart which can be easily rolled in and out of your closet is a great way to stash smaller items and accessories such as scarves and jewellery boxes. Easy to manoeuvre and a great use of space, this can be a great addition to your bedroom storage. 

Use under bed space

Pull-out drawers or neat shelves under the bed can be a great solution for an overflowing wardrobe. Depending on the height of your bed, drawers underneath can provide a lot of extra space for trousers, sweaters, or underwear. Just remember to check that you can reach all of the drawer’s contents when you pull it out – otherwise it’s likely that items will get lost in those hard-to-reach spots. 

Try space-saving hangers

Instead of relying on standard clothes hangers, try dual use hangers which can be hung horizontally or vertically to make the best use of space in a wardrobe or clothing rack. You can also use these hangers as dividers to group items together. Whether you want to categorise your clothes based on type, colour, or season, or simply want to put complementary clothes together, this can be a great way to maximise space and save time when deciding what to wear.

Base your storage around the types of clothes you own

One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning new bedroom storage ideas is forgetting to consider the items they already own. For example, opting for lots of shelving and with minimal vertical space is far from ideal if you own lots of long dresses or crisp suits that need to be stored on their hangers. Likewise, choosing a wardrobe with mostly hanging space is a waste if you mostly fold clothes and put them on shelves. Before you start planning your new clothes storage, think about what you already own and how you want to store it. 

Don’t forget about lighting 


A trendy custom made wardrobe with 3 sliding doors and warm yellow LED lighting.

No matter how well you set up your new clothes storage, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to be able to see it. If your wardrobe is dark and dingy it will be hard to find the things you need and keep it organised. That’s why installing lighting in your fitted wardrobes is a great idea. Being able to see clearly will transform your routine and help you keep everything tidy and clutter free. 

Prioritise multi-purpose furniture

If you’re trying to make the most of a small space, multi-purpose furniture is a must-have. For example, an ottoman or storage stool can be a great addition to your room and provides additional space for clothing storage. It’s more attractive than a storage unit and is a great use of floor space – what more could you want?

Ready to transform your clothes storage?

Instead of a spring clear-out, why not transform your storage solutions for 2023? With these tips and tricks in mind, you’re ready to get started with maximising your clothes storage space. 

For all your fitted wardrobes and bespoke storage solution needs, Bravo London is here to help. We specialise in designing, manufacturing, and installing premium quality furniture for your bedroom, kitchen, and any other room in your house. Our expert designers put you in the driving seat, ensuring that our solutions are perfectly matched with your needs and space. 

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