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A modern, well-lit walk-in wardrobe with empty shelves, next to a large window with blue blinds, in a room featuring a mirrored wardrobe and gray flooring.

Built in wardrobes or freestanding bespoke wardrobes.

At first glance, what could be simpler than a wardrobe? Choose a colour, for example white and then order the bespoke built in wardrobe and wait for it to be delivered and installed. But it’s just right up to the moment when you face a choice. Built in or freestanding? Sliding doors or hinged doors? Modern or classic? It turns out that choosing a made-to-measure wardrobe is not so simple. That’s why we’ve created this little “guide” to help you make your choice. Same goes for any other type of furniture for fitted bedrooms and storage space.

And now let’s go through all the nuances and differences in detail.



Built in and freestanding wardrobes


It is impossible to say which wardrobe is better – be it fitted wardrobes or freestanding . It all depends on your tasks and capabilities. So let’s take a look at the benefits of each option so you can draw your own conclusions.

grey colour hinged door fitted wardrobe in a bedroom with wood flooring

Benefits of built in furniture :

    • Built in wardrobes are inexpensive (compared to a freestanding one), because less material is needed and supporting structures do not require special strength;
    • furniture fits perfectly into the room, completely filling the space provided;
    • more storage space;
    • if you order a built in one, then less time will be spent on cleaning due to the absence of gaps between the furniture and the ceiling with walls;
    • when changing the design of the room, it is enough to change the facades.

Freestanding furniture also has its advantages:

    • freestanding wardrobe will be brought and put in place – no noise, dust and drilling of walls;
    • furniture can be taken with you when moving;
    • freestanding furniture can be simply rearranged – a great way to “refresh” the interior of the room on a budget;
    • for some designs, a freestanding cabinet is the best solution.

Just decide which of the described benefits is more important to you. After that, you will immediately understand which cabinet to order . But these are not the only differences: further in the article there are even more nuances.

Hinged door and sliding doors wardrobes

If you have a choice to order sliding doors wardrobes or hinged door wardrobes , then the main criterion is usually space. In small rooms, swing doors can be inconvenient. Sometimes they simply have nowhere to open – they rest against other furniture. In this case, built in wardrobes with sliding doors will be the best choice. But this is far from the only criterion for selection, let’s take a look at other factors.


    • Price. Hinged is relatively inexpensive , compared with a sliding door wardrobe .
    • Hinged doors are less noisy.
    • In classic styles, the use of hinged door models is much more appropriate.
    • If the furniture is deformed, sliding doors will be more difficult to adjust.
    • Additional items can be placed on the hinged doors, such as holders for belts and ties.

But these small flaws do not prevent sliding door wardrobes from being the most popular among their “brothers”. This is more a matter of personal preference than technical features.



Shape of built in wardrobes and freestanding

The main forms in which we manufacture built in wardrobes or freestanding in our production are straight and angular. The choice depends on the shape of the room, the amount of space you need and your preferences. Neither one nor the other option has any practical advantages or disadvantage


Wardrobe style for built in wardrobes or freestanding

You can order built in wardrobes in classic or modern style finishes . “Classic” is different:

    • relief facades;
    • cornices and pilasters;
    • soft, rounded shapes.

wardrobe door opened wide in a fitted bedroom



Modern furniture is usually straight, strict forms.

storage space in a wardrobe with sliding doors

Built in wardrobes interiors

Fitted wardrobes will not fulfill their purpose if you do not order enough filling into it. We suggest adding:

    • shelves for storing small and seasonal items;
    • drawers – the best option if you need access to the entire space inside at once;
    • trouser pants – your trousers will be in perfect condition when it comes time to put them on;
    • shoe racks “disguised” as ordinary boxes;
    • pantographs and rods for hanging clothes on trempels.

Believe our experience – there is never no extra when it comes to wardrobe interiors, a place for comfortable storage space is always in short supply. Bravo London offers the clever storage solutions and fitted bedrooms ideas. Our design consultant will help creating the perfect wardrobe design.

In which room is it appropriate to order a bespoke made-to-measure wardrobe

Rooms that would be inappropriate for storing things simply do not exist.  :

    • hallways;
    • living rooms;
    • bedrooms;
    • bathrooms.
    • home office
    • fitted bedrooms

Where to order sliding and hinged door wardrobes

At our factory in London, we produce bespoke furniture of any size, for any room and for every taste. We can  make a fitted wardrobe, a walk-in-wardrobe according to your individual sizes and original design. Request a free brochure or a free design visit today.