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A well-organized walk-in wardrobe with dark wooden shelves, drawers, and hanging rods. Various clothing items such as suits, shirts, and jackets are neatly arranged. In the back, a chair and a light stand are visible through an opening, enhancing the space's modern feel and epitomizing the perfect walk-in-wardrobe project.

Walk-In Wardrobe Project in the Suburbs of North London

The room was small (roughly 2.3m x 2.3m), the room was dark and the room was sad. Its owners noticed this and wanted to give this room a little more attention. They realised that this neglected room could have so much more potential and should be transformed into something so much more fun and with so much more meaning and value.

A phone call and some 20 miles later, out came (in shining golden Armor) a Bravo London Designer. Galloping on his stallion (a hybrid Toyota) he challenged roads of London. Arriving at his design visit location, he immediately saw the damsel in distress (little room) which needed some cheering up and began working on a way to help it.


After some time, countless numbers of ideas and solutions, stroking his beard – the designer had it all figured out. With the owner’s approval, the designer joyfully took the project to the next level.

Two weeks of calculations, hard work, sweat and power tools the installation cavaliers arrived. Sparing no time, they got stuck in the work – they came, they saw, they conquered!

Spending just two days on the site – they cleared the workspace, packed away their tools and took a selfie. Leaving the owners with nothing but a smile (+increased value on their home) and a beautiful new feature to their home – a beautiful bespoke & well-crafted Fitted Walk in Wardrobe. Featuring Led Strip lighting, hanging rails, tinted glass drawer tops, soft closing drawers with locking systems, shoe storage racks and jewelry and valuable goods compartments – on top of that a Double Glazed Sliding Mirror Entrance Doors allowing its owners to dress up, get suited and booted for any occasion in the comfort of the Walk in Wardrobe…. Bravo. Bravo London!