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Why Choose Sliding Door Wardrobes?

Sliding Door Wardrobes? While the idea of having a door that slides open as opposed to a one that opens up on a hinge is not a new one, it does seem like many have been neglecting the benefits sliding wardrobe doors have over the more traditional ones.

Consider the ever increasing need for storage room and less and less actual space we have available. A lot of us do have a real difficulty in organising and storing our precious belongings. I mean, let’s face it, most of us don’t live in huge country houses. But we do somehow, blame goes to partially on the rapidly changing fashion trends and the 8 seasons of England. We then end up holding on to a clothing wardrobe that could probably be enough to clothe a family of 30.

You end up hanging up a couple of our more precious items and loose the remainder disorientated from the piled up avalanche of the rest. All of us make plans; be more tidy, organise more, pack your stuff away neatly bla bla bla – but when we come home from work all we can think of is of putting our feet up and catching a breath from our London commute. And when/if we do actually start organising and packing, we quickly realise we simply don’t have the storage space. And here the problems begin…

Optimise your storage space, use Sliding Door Wardrobes!

Step 1: It’s pretty simple, you need a well-designed fitted Sliding Door Wardrobes! And you need one with Sliding Wardrobe Doors! Trust me, buying a Flat pack wardrobe won’t help. Optimal storage solutions start with a great design. It needs to take into account the space available and how best to utilise it – This is your foundation. Get the wardrobe designers in, show them your room, tell them how you want your wardrobe & let them do all the hard technical work.

Step 2: Welcome in the Installation Team. Well-crafted high quality sliding wardrobe doors provide beautiful and elegant feel and easily glide on concealed tracks (you can really impress everybody with them); customised to suit your requirements as well different styles to match your interior scheme – you will be on a road to home interior design stardom.

Step 3: Pack your belongings away and throw a party! Or make a tea, take a selfie and pat yourself on the back for the great decision you have made.

One of the biggest advantages of sliding wardrobe doors to your fitted wardrobes is the fact that they not only look amazing (all my friends say, so do throw the party). But they also actually give your living space some extra area (enjoy your tea). And then opening up hinged doors takes up precious floor space which could be used for so much more. Furniture placement will also be easier when there is no need to allow room to open the door. Lastly, you can rearrange your living space to optimal conditions.