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A sleek, modern interior featuring a staircase with wooden paneling underneath. The stairs rise diagonally against an off-white wall, adorned with circular windows. The overall design is minimalist and elegant, ensuring there is never enough space left unused.

However much space you have, it’s never enough

Living in London has its benefits, of course it does. But space is not one of them. Most of us don’t have oodles of reception rooms or the luxury of a fifth bedroom to keep our clothes in.

If you’re living in London, the chances are you’re in a flat or a townhouse. You’re loving the social side of living in the capital, but you’re juggling with the lack of space that brings.

We can help.

Our designers are experts at maximising the existing space and making it work for you. Many of our wardrobes come with adjustable shelves that can be moved around to suit the space. We also get to know your likes, dislikes, hopes, and aspirations, so that we build a bespoke wardrobe tailor made for you.

Many interior designers come to us time and time again as they love our sliding mirrored wardrobes. Not only do they tick all the boxes from a practical, ‘everything in its place’ kind of way, they love the illusion of space that a wall of mirrors creates.

Wardrobes are not just for bedrooms

Maybe you’re reading this thinking that you need to declutter your living areas – the spaces your friends and family see the most. You need to be able to hide things so everyone thinks you’re organised, in control, and on top of things!

Our sliding door living area wardrobes are designed to fit right into the available space and they merge beautifully with the interiors. Our customers often find that our custom-built wardrobes are a cost-effective solution.

They fully utilise the available space and can be cheaper than lots of different pieces of furniture.

If you’ve thought through some ideas or you’d like us to come up with some suggestions, we’d love to provide a free, no obligation design consultation. We can see the space, listen to your storage-related troubles and together, come up with a plan.