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A wall with built-in storage, including two cabinets flanking a central set of four horizontal drawers. The surface is covered in a textured, light-brown material. A skylight above casts light into the space, illuminating the project. A few wooden corks lay on the light gray carpet below in Woodside Park, London.
A small door is built into a beige wall under a sloped ceiling with a skylight window, characteristic of many London homes. The adjacent floor is carpeted in a light grey color, and white baseboards run along the wall and door, adding elegance to the Woodside Park project.
A beige-colored wall with hidden storage compartments under a skylight in a room in Woodside Park, London. The concealed doors blend seamlessly with the wall design, creating a minimalist and space-saving storage solution. A light gray carpet covers the floor, completing this thoughtful project.
Part of the Woodside Park project in London, this room features three skylight windows on a slanted ceiling, each with a wooden frame. Below the windows are built-in storage cabinets with flush panels. The floor is carpeted, and part of a bed with a purple blanket is visible in the lower left corner.
In a cozy living room in Woodside Park, London, a wall-mounted TV is above a long, light-colored cabinet. On the cabinet rest a green dinosaur toy and a pink cartoon pig toy. Scattered on the floor are children's toys, including a colorful truck—truly an evolving project of playful memories.
A neatly arranged living room in a charming London flat, featuring a wall-mounted flat-screen TV above a white wooden media cabinet. On top of the cabinet are a small inflatable dinosaur and a plush toy. On the tiled floor below, there are scattered children's toys reminiscent of playful days in Woodside Park.

Woodside Park project in London

Bravo London have designed, crafted and installed unique hand wrapped ostrich leather. This living room unit with glass tops and drawer fronts all hand wrapped. This unique piece is one of many projects which reflects our skills and quality. with Bravo London anything is possible.

This project overlooks Woodside park underground station in North London.

Customer wanted to have something very unique to be done in his property. Customer decided to have in his loft wrapped into ostrich leather wardrobe doors together with the rest part of the wall.

In living room we have made a unit from satin cashmere glass tops finished with leather frame. Same satin cashmere glass we have been using for drawer door fronts. All doors and drawers are working using push-to-open mechanism system.

This one of many project where we use leather making the wardrobe handmade with such precision, this project reflects our quality and skills. Bravo London ensure every customer get what they want, making anything possible