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A cozy room with a dark brown leather armchair and a small round table holding a vase of white flowers. The space features wooden flooring, a full-length mirror, large white fitted wardrobes—perfect inspiration if you're wondering how to choose fitted wardrobes—and a modern chandelier. Natural light streams in through a window with sheer curtains.

How to Choose the Right Fitted Wardrobe for Your Home

Choosing a fitted wardrobe can be a challenge. As a beautiful, bespoke piece of furniture, a fitted wardrobe is a significant investment and a decision that you want to get right. There are many factors to consider and the more you research the more overwhelming it can sometimes start to feel. What type of storage do you need? How will it fit in your space? What style do you want? Do you need a professional wardrobe fitter? And will a fitted wardrobe actually provide the functionality you need? 

Don’t worry – at Bravo London, we’ve spent many years supplying bespoke fitted furniture for kitchens and bedrooms. We’ve condensed years of experience into this handy guide that will help you choose the right fitted wardrobe for you. 

1. Assess Your Storage Needs


wardrobe door opened wide in a fitted bedroom
A large fitted wardrobe in cream colour with shaker hinged doors and knob handles in a bedroom.

The first and most important factor to consider is what your storage needs are and what you’ll store in a new fitted wardrobe. 

A fitted wardrobe takes up less space in your bedroom than freestanding wardrobes do. This may have factored into your decision to replace some of the freestanding furniture you currently own. 

Consider answers to the following questions when assessing your storage needs:

  • Do you want visible storage or should you hide it from view?
  • What items need storing? Do you need more hanging space or low-down storage for items like footwear?
  • Are there items to store that don’t need frequent and easy access, and so can these be stored higher up or in less accessible spaces?

2. Measure Your Space

The amount of space you have at your disposal for a bespoke fitted wardrobe defines the types of fitted bedroom wardrobes that will suit you. You will need to carefully measure the space you have available for your fitted furniture. Note: if you’re not confident about your measuring, the Bravo London team is happy to help with our professional measuring service. 

After measuring the space, you’ll have a better idea of the amount of space you have to work with and can start formulating fitted wardrobe ideas. 

Consider answers to the following questions when measuring your space:

  • Are there any awkward spaces in the room that you can improve on or work around?
  • How much space is there to open doors? Are you better off with open wardrobes, sliding doors, or built-in wardrobes with hinged doors? 
  • Can you use fitted wardrobes to maximise vertical space or corner space? 

3. Choose Your Style

The style you prefer will define the design of any wardrobes you would consider fitting in your bedroom area. There is a wide range of bedroom furniture designs around, including various fitted wardrobe door styles and finishes.

While bespoke fitted wardrobes are a little pricier than their freestanding alternatives, their made-to-measure nature means you can select the style and finish that perfectly complements your bedroom decor. Consider the style you are most comfortable with and which will suit the space at your disposal when thinking about the following fitted wardrobe ideas:

  • If you’re a traditionalist at heart, you may want to go with hinged doors on your fitted wardrobes. Bear in mind that hinged wardrobe doors will take up extra space when opened, so it’s important to factor this into your plans. 
  • Sliding doors can be perfect for smaller rooms or those with limited space. They provide an elegant finish and are a tidier option in more compact areas. Keep in mind that while these have a gorgeous sleek appearance they do mean that you cannot view your entire wardrobe at once.
  • Bespoke-fitted wardrobes can also come with open fronts. These open-front fitted wardrobes are maybe not the best option for you if you are storing a lot in your wardrobe, though. With your clothes folded or tidily hung and your shoes neatly stacked, these open fitted wardrobes are a great way to display your belongings. They are not for everybody, though, as a disordered wardrobe will make the room feel crowded and messy.

Consider Your Decor


The decor you choose enhances the style of your bedroom wardrobes. Colour is a prime factor when considering the ambience of a room. Combining the right colour scheme with the style of your fitted wardrobes goes a long way toward the coherent feel of a room.

The finish you choose when getting custom-fitted wardrobes also makes a difference to the room. Some people prefer a classic look for their bedroom which, when coupled with a hinged, panelled door style, portrays an image of old-style refinement. Other people are more contemporary and feel more at home with smooth, glossy sliding wardrobe doors or no doors at all.


Choose a Material

When thinking about materials before installing fitted wardrobes, consider how often you will be carrying out surface cleaning in your bedroom. Having mirrored doors on your built-in wardrobes may negate the need for a dressing room table, but somebody has to clean all those mirrors!

Fitted wardrobes come in a variety of different materials, so there’s no shortage of options. At Bravo London, we often custom-make wardrobe doors from solid wood and coloured glass for clients.

We also make fabric panels, including crocodile leather, which can look stunning in the right bedroom. The beauty of our bespoke fitted wardrobes is that they are, after all, made to measure and order, which means that the material choice is entirely up to you.


4. Think About Functionality

Style and looks are immensely important, but you want your fitted bedroom wardrobes to be functional as well. If your fitted wardrobe incorporates some of the functional aspects of your bedroom, it means another item of furniture won’t have to do it. As such, you are saving space that can be utilised in a different way. Let us look at some of the functional elements:


Consider Storage Solutions

Besides the clothes storage functions like holding your suits, dresses, shoes and belts, which freestanding wardrobes cater to, bespoke fitted wardrobes can be designed to store several other items.

Practical storage is very possible with a fitted wardrobe. You can accommodate a sliding or hanging laundry container or a safe for your jewellery and other valuables. You could even include special containers to house hobby equipment such as golfing equipment or arts and craft materials. The storage solutions options are limitless in a made-to-measure wardrobe.


Think About Additional Features

When you think of other functional items that take up space in your bedroom, what immediately comes to mind? Perhaps your ironing board or your television stand? With custom-fitted wardrobes, you can incorporate these into your fitted furniture.

Your ironing board could fold down out of the wardrobe when needed, and you could open the sliding doors for access to your television in the evenings. What about a fold-down office desk for late-night overtime or a dressing table that you can slide in and out as necessary?

With fitted wardrobes installed, you will have more storage space from floor to ceiling, and you could easily have more floor space too!


5. Select a Professional Fitter

For all the above, you should consider choosing a professional fitter to do the work. It is a lot to attempt alone and the experts are used to catering to the bespoke needs of their clientele. At Bravo London, we will not only listen to your fitted wardrobe ideas but will make them a reality. It won’t matter what your style preferences or space requirements are, we can work closely with you to create stunning fitted wardrobes that maximise your space and increase the value of your property.

For a bespoke solution to all your fitted furniture requirements, book your free design visit today.