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A corner of a room contains an L-shaped built-in wardrobe with four tall grey cabinets. The wardrobe showcases a simple, sleek design with recessed handles, and the ceiling is illuminated by two recessed lights. The floor appears to be concrete. Wondering how much fitted wardrobes cost?

The Cost of Fitted Wardrobes: Are They Worth the Investment?


Grey traditional hinged doors on a carcass forming a fitted wardrobe in a bedroom.

‘How much do fitted wardrobes cost? Does it make sense to replace my freestanding wardrobes with built-in wardrobes? And are the benefits of fitted wardrobes worth the additional price?’

These are important questions to consider when deciding whether to get fitted wardrobes installed in your home. As fitted furniture experts with many years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers here at Bravo London, we’ve put together this guide to the cost of fitted wardrobes to help you evaluate whether they’re a worthwhile investment for your home. 

Benefits of Fitted Wardrobes

Whenever you invest in something it makes sense to know the benefits it will bring you. Before you go ahead and just install fitted wardrobes in your home, consider the following benefits:

Space saving

With a bespoke fitted wardrobe, you decide on the space you want to utilise. Not only will you be able to save space for moving around your room, but you will use every bit of space currently gathering cobwebs through non-use. Because fitted wardrobes are the best way to maximise vertical or awkward spaces you will have so much extra available space for storage as well. 

Décor matching

Getting bespoke fitted wardrobes installed means you can finally match your wardrobes to your existing décor. You can get rid of that free-standing wardrobe you’ve always struggled to match items with. Instead, choose new bespoke wardrobes to suit your bedroom’s theme and colour scheme and tie the whole look together.

Organised storage space

Order your bespoke wardrobe with the storage areas you really need, allowing you to organise as you want. A fitted wardrobe costs a little more because you can fully customise your spaces for the storage of specific household items, but it’s entirely worth it. It is all about your exact requirements, whether it be extra-length hanging rails for those long dresses and suits or a super large shoe rack. 

Made to measure

A bedroom with sloped ceilings creates awkward spaces that are not easy to utilise until you decide on a bespoke fitted wardrobe. Your fitted wardrobe can fill the annoying leftover space perfectly. And whether you want hinged doors or sliding wardrobes, you can design your wardrobe however you like.

For weird and awkward spaces, Bravo London can fill those with luxury bespoke furniture that’s made to measure.

Easier cleaning

It goes without saying that a fitted wardrobe is not as difficult to clean as a free-standing wardrobe. It will not need moving to get behind or underneath, or into the annoying gaps and awkward corners and ledges that collect dust and cobwebs.

Increased property value

Do fitted wardrobes increase your property value? Think of the property sale adverts you’ve seen. Fitted wardrobes or ‘built-in wardrobes’ are always mentioned as selling points. Owning bespoke wardrobes is an investment, especially if they’re built to incorporate sloping ceilings and otherwise hard-to-fill spaces.

For the right home seekers, bespoke wardrobes with sliding doors can be deal clinchers. Space savers like extra shoe racks or built-in laundry baskets also prompt positive reactions.

A fitted wardrobe is an incredible asset while you’re living in a house, and when you decide to sell it can add a good few pounds to your property’s market price too.

Cost vs. Value: Are Fitted Wardrobes Worth the Investment?

We have established that fitted wardrobes cost more than stand-alone ones, but are they worth the extra expense? How much do fitted wardrobes cost?

On average, a standard 2-door fitted wardrobe with hinges will cost you in excess of £2,000. The same-sized wardrobe with a sliding door will be slightly more pricey. Of course, as you cater more to your personal style and increase the size, a fitted wardrobe’s cost increases.

You could pay over £5,000 for a 6-door fitted wardrobe without any extra bespoke additions. If you’re wanting the wardrobe installed, there will be further charges too.

So is a fitted wardrobe worth the investment?

Let’s compare the cost against some of the benefits that bespoke fitted wardrobes provide:

  • Increased property value: You may recoup the expense of the fitted wardrobe when you sell the property later down the line.
  • Space-saving: Fitted wardrobes are the best way to maximise your space and keep your room tidy, helping you feel happier and more comfortable at home.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Bespoke designs, colours, finishes and materials allow you to achieve the exact appearance you want. You get more creative control over fitted wardrobes and can select the best materials and designs.
  • Constantly upgradable and customisable: Fitted wardrobes can be customised and changed to suit your tastes, meaning that you don’t need to replace the whole unit.
  • More peace of mind: Your provider handles the design and installation, ensuring high quality and long-lasting wardrobes. You won’t have to pay more to replace the wardrobes after a few years because they break or deteriorate.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Fitted Wardrobes

Knowing which factors affect the cost of a fitted wardrobe allows you to make informed choices when deciding what suits you and your budget.

Wardrobe size and style

Installing a two or three-door fitted wardrobe will not cost as much as a six-door wardrobe would. A sliding-door fitted wardrobe in a contemporary design will likely cost more than a standard hinged-door fitted one. If you add mirrors, for example, it can also push up the price further. Remember that bespoke wardrobes can always be upgraded or altered at later stages.


There are many available materials for bespoke fitted wardrobes. What you choose can affect the price of your unit substantially. For example, if you are looking for a wooden fitted wardrobe, you could choose to go with teak or maple.
These luxurious woods would cost a lot more than the same fitted wardrobe made from cheaper materials like oak.

Extra accessories

Fitted wardrobes themselves can be quite pricey. Additional accessories that you incorporate can affect the cost more. Adding integrated lighting, hanging space with pull-down rails or larger shoe racks all increase the fitted wardrobe cost. Bespoke extras do make life easier but also escalate the price.


Installation costs are generally included in your quotation. These costs vary depending on the size of your fitted wardrobes and the ease of the installation itself. When filling awkward spaces, the installation could cost more than a standard wall-to-wall one would.

How to Save Money on Fitted Wardrobes

You may be working to a budget but still want to make optimal use of your available space by installing a fitted wardrobe. There are ways that will keep down additional costs while still getting a wardrobe that will fit perfectly.

  • Compare quotations between companies providing fitted wardrobes.
  • Watch for company specials, including sales over holidays and Cyber Monday or Black Friday deals. You may need to wait longer for service, but the savings could make this worthwhile.
  • Weigh up your deal options. Sometimes the cheapest option will mean having to spend again sooner. If you have the money available, spending a little more on quality materials and workmanship can save further expenses a couple of years down the line.
  • If you have the know-how, you can save on a fitted wardrobe cost by installing it yourself. We recommend, at least, buying your wardrobe from a professional manufacturer, though.
  • Consider contacting a wardrobe design, manufacture, and installation company like Bravo London to book a free design visit. Our interior designers and other experts will advise you on a suitable design. We’ll give you an estimate of the costs involved and work with you to find a solution to suit your budget and save you money.




Buying and installing fitted wardrobes cost more than stand-alone wardrobes do. With that said, the benefits and value you gain from bespoke furniture make up for the additional cost. Dealing with experienced professionals like Bravo London also makes the path to the eventual enjoyment of your new wardrobe easier to navigate.

Contact us to find out more about all of your bespoke furniture options – our friendly team of experts will be happy to help.