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A small tree is protected by a large, open, red umbrella. The eco-friendly umbrella is positioned behind the tree, casting a shadow over it, symbolizing protection and care. The background is a plain white space.

Eco-friendly – doing our bit for the environment

Okay – so you’ve got the picture that we care about our customers and we’re a happy bunch of workers that look out for each other. But did you know that we also look out for the environment and do our bit for sustainability?

Here at Bravo London, we consider the impact of the furniture industry. We work hard to source materials that comply with stringent British standards and requirements for classification as ‘eco-friendly’. When we come to your home for the initial design visit, we discuss the materials we could use for your installation. This means giving you as wide of a choice as possible.

We’re always thinking about the environment in our manufacturing processes. What we do to achieve that? We use natural wood, lightweight wooden panels, and hi-tech manufactured veneers of fine wood, with water-based paints and varnish. Also, we employ a stringent recycling process. Plus we continually strive to reduce our waste and carbon footprint.

We understand that the aesthetics have to work too – your wardrobe needs to look good! There’s no point being an ‘eco-warrior’ business if no-one’s going to buy the product because it looks terrible! We think we’ve got the balance right! That is caring for the natural world with beautiful bespoke furniture. With us, you can have it all.

If being eco-friendly really strikes a chord with you, we’d be thrilled to discuss what we do in more detail.