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A modern room with beige marble flooring and a large white cabinet featuring bespoke fitted furniture, complete with multiple drawers and a black countertop. The room beyond showcases large windows, plants, and decorative wall art. Ceiling lights are reflected in the glass of the partition.

Bespoke Fitted Furniture: it’s easy now!

Bespoke Fitted Furniture has seen a rapid surge in demand. As of today, the desire for cosiness and comfort is the main guideline. Especially when choosing the environment for any room: bedroom, hallway or kitchen. Bespoke Furniture should be comfortable.  It should also meet the style of the room and requirements of the owner. Accordingly, a practical solution would be to make the customer place and order. This is also while taking into account all the wishes of the customer. But where to find a company which will do it well and on time?

Customers often turn to companies with inquiries such as “bespoke fitted furniture” or “who makes the best bespoke fitted bedrooms. It should be emphasised at once: Bravo London offers custom-made furniture, tailored to the needs of the customer. Furthermore, we have developed the Bravo Store Option. With Bravo Store, customers and our professional furniture makers will easily find each other. How can you do that? Firstly, to work on the portal you just need to register. Bravo London will provide all functionality and provide quality materials and services for the implementation of any project.


How does it work?

Bravo Store has a dual function: it is a bulletin board with applications for the creation of furniture products, and a catalogue. First step is to log in to the portal. Special tips will help you in the design of the project application.

Select the type of product, its configuration, specify the overall dimensions and other necessary information. After passing these stages, publish the application. Our feedback will be prompt. Then, one of our Design Specialists will respond. Our Designers will offer supplementary portfolio of similar projects, designs and configurations. That will offer you extra ideas to tweak your project. We will then contact you to agree on the details.
Now, let’s focus separately on the opportunities that our website provides the users.

What benefits will you get?

User-friendly interface

You can place the order in just a few clicks. You no longer have to worry about getting the bespoke fitted wardrobe or bespoke sliding door wardrobe based on your needs. The same applies to cabinets, and later other types of products will be available on the portal. Consider the process of creating an application on the example of a bespoke sliding door wardrobe set. You need to provide the following information:

  • Type of furniture product;
  • Types of work to be performed (drawings and map of cutting, dismantling, measuring, design, assembly and installation);
  • Type of product (for example, the wardrobe can be two-door, three-door, L-shaped);
  • Overall dimensions;
  • Wardrobe Internals;
  • Configuration of wardrobe sections (our service will offer the most popular options);
  • Price segment (separately for furniture and fittings: for example, you can choose MFC panels from the economy segment and reliable premium accessories);
  • Desired completion date.

You can now publish the application. And for the sake of us understanding your expectations and wishes, attach a photo of the room and an example of furniture.

Professional master

Don’t just search for “bespoke furniture London”: from now on, getting us to work on your projects becomes easier!

Bespoke Fitted Furniture Manufactured by Bravo London will become the ultimate decoration of any home. You can always get acquainted with the range of our products and find materials for the project in our showroom.