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A spacious walk-in closet designed by expert fitted wardrobe manufacturers features wooden shelves and hangers. Neatly hung shirts, folded clothes, shoes, and accessories are organized throughout. An ironing board with a purple cover stands in the middle, while a white mannequin is placed to the left.

How do we fare against other wardrobe manufacturers?

Here at Bravo London, we are extremely confident that the prices of our sliding door fitted wardrobes are unbeatable. We carry out daily price checks against our competitors in order to ensure that we are offering the best products at the most competitive prices. If you get a quote from a respected wardrobe manufacturer, we will match it. Our priority is to ensure our customers receive the best fitted wardrobes at the best possible price.

Custom made to your desires and dimensions

Unlike some of our competitors, because we start from scratch, we can structure the storage layout to fit your requirements and lifestyle so that everything has its place and all the drawers and cupboards are just how you want them.

We love a challenge, and tricky spaces provide us with the opportunity to get creative. Unlike an ‘off-the-shelf’ product, we design bespoke wardrobes that are manufactured to the unique dimensions of your room. All the space is used in a clever way, ensuring there are no wasted spaces or gaps for dust to gather.

The price of being unique

Should you choose a unique design that cannot be compared and price-matched with anything else on the market, the cost may well be higher than that of our competitors. We consider fitted storage to be a long-term investment, and our made-to-measure service, our vast range of design options, and the quality of both our workforce and our furniture is reflected in the price.