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A children's room with floor-to-ceiling wooden paneling and vertical glass dividers. The wood has a rich, warm tone with distinct grain patterns. The space appears modern and minimalistic with clean lines, featuring a corner sliding wardrobe and horizontal wood slats adorning the lower walls.
A children's room corner features a tall, modern wooden wardrobe with sliding doors, incorporating a mix of wood and beige panels. A white door is on the left wall next to a light switch. There's a red cylindrical object, possibly a lampshade, in the bottom left corner. "BRAVO" is at the bottom right.
A wooden corner sliding wardrobe is partially open, revealing shelves neatly stocked with folded clothes. Next to it is a white door with a silver doorknob. A small red lamp is placed on an orange carpet beside the wardrobe in the children's room. The logo "BRAVO" is visible.
A street lined with brick buildings and leafless trees on a clear day. A white van is parked on the side of the road, and a "20 Zone" speed limit sign is visible. The street is empty, and the sky is clear and blue, just like the calm you'd want in a children's room with a corner sliding wardrobe.
A three-story brick building with white trim, located on a residential street. The facade features large windows, a small balcony, and autumnal trees in the foreground. A "For Sale" sign is visible near the entrance. Inside, a charming children's room boasts a corner sliding wardrobe for ample storage.
A neatly organized closet with a combination of wooden shelves and corner sliding wardrobe doors. The open shelves display neatly folded clothes, ideal for a children's room. A small red lamp is partially visible in the bottom left corner. The brand logo "BRAVO" is seen at the bottom right.
A close-up view of a beautifully designed wall panel in a children's room, featuring a combination of beige and wood grain patterns. The smooth beige section contrasts with natural wood textures below, all separated by a dark vertical trim, adjacent to the corner sliding wardrobe.

Corner sliding wardrobe installed in the children’s room

This wardrobe is one of our recently completed projects; these customers decided to install a corner cupboard in their child’s bedroom. The bedroom was located on the second floor of their house and they opted for our Euphoria style sliding wardrobe.

The customers worked with one of our designers to find a perfect solution for an awkward space in their children’s bedroom with the intension to organise all of their belongings. Our wardrobes are made-to-measure; therefore they can be built into any space, however awkward, with whatever design you wish. Bravo London have achieved a good reputation for themselves, for example, just a few days after this beautiful loft bedroom wardrobe was installed; we received a new enquiry from another customer in the same district. Here are some photos of this corner wardrobe:

The frames of this style wardrobe are made from aluminium. This particular wardrobe has a High Gloss Wenge, Oriental Profile. The Euphoria style sliding doors have 3 Panels, with two of the panels being Light Beige Coloured Glass, separated with the middle section, which is Dark Cordoba Olive Melamine, creating a very sophisticated look.

As I have already mentioned this beautiful corner wardrobe was installed in Acton, one of the most wonderful districts of West London. It is impossible to capture the great atmosphere of this area, so I decided to include some photos of the house where our wardrobe were installed: