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A modern 3-sliding doors wardrobe with frosted glass panels and black frames. The wardrobe is set against a light green wall with a white door on the left, and the ceiling slopes on the right, indicating the room is likely an attic or top floor space in the Acton area.
A street in Acton with parked cars and a large brick church featuring pointed arches and a sloped roof. The church is flanked by residential houses on one side, some boasting modern sliding doors. It is a sunny day with a clear blue sky.
A modern Euphoria wardrobe is fitted under a slanted ceiling in the Acton area. It features sliding doors with black frames and white panels on the left, while open shelves on the right display clothes and other items. A full-length mirror leans against the mint green wall.
A room in Acton with a slanted ceiling features a custom-built wardrobe. The wardrobe has sliding doors with a black frame and white panels, revealing hanging jackets and various bags below. There is a floor mirror to the right and a teal wall on the left.

Beautiful Euphoria 3-sliding doors wardrobe in the Acton area

Just few days ago we finished the installation of beautiful 3 doors sliding wardrobe in the Acton district not far from Acton Central railway station. With the wide range of pubs and restaurants, tennis courts and children’s play area, museums, shops and famous Acton Park, this is the perfect area for families and good neighbours.

This wardrobe was installed in the big house and the main distinctive feature of this project is that the house owners decided to install it in the loft room.

Slopping ceiling and loft bedrooms sliding wardrobes by Bravo London made our company one of the top players on UK market, and hundreds of our customers attempting to build a wardrobe in their loft room  were refused by other comanies and they found the solution in our showroom or after free design appointment with one of our designers.

Bravo Euphoria sliding wardrobe is a perfect storage solution for the loft room and give you an opportunity to accommodate your belongings in a very orderly and modern style. The frames of these sliding doors are made from venge aluminium frames, and the panels are made from pure white coloured frosted glass.