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A bedroom with sleek white sliding wardrobe doors featuring black horizontal and vertical lines embodies a contemporary trend. A paper lantern ceiling light is visible, along with a glimpse of a bed and bedside table with a lamp reflected in the doors. "BRAVO" text is on the bottom right.
A modern bedroom closet, echoing the contemporary trend, features sliding doors with a grid design of white panels bordered in black. The sliding doors wardrobe interior includes sections for hanging clothes, shelves, and drawers. A spherical pendant light hangs from the ceiling on the right side.
A white door with a dark wooden cross design adds a touch of contemporary trend. The words "BRAVO" and "LONDON" are printed in the lower-right corner, perfectly blending classic bedroom aesthetics with modern style.
A sleek, contemporary trend wardrobe with three sliding doors is shown. The doors have a black frame and white panels. The middle section is open, revealing dark wood shelves and drawers. The room is softly lit by a hanging lamp and a table lamp seen in the reflection. "BRAVO" is written on the bottom right.

Classic Bedroom Sliding 3-doors Wardrobe With Hint of Contemporary Trend

Designing the interiors of your bedroom can be a tough task, especially when there are lots of choices and you can’t be too sure about what to finalize and what not. One such component of your bedroom is wardrobe.

Missing out on it will leave your room incomplete. Furthermore, adding a storage unit is essential as there are lots of things that need to be stashed away and stored in orderly fashion.

If you are indecisive about the type of wardrobe, then the best option to check out is sliding wardrobe with sliding 3 doors. Bravo London offers its best that fits in any type of bedroom, with almost any size and interiors. This Euphoria style wardrobe is highly functional unit that blends elegance and soberness with perfection.

Our designers rake their brains hard when bringing out a new design because it needs to blend with more than one type of interiors. However, since each person has unique needs, there is a facility that you can contact us for fixing an appointment with our designers who will analyze and understand your needs, available place and the style of your bedroom to come up ith a custom-made 3 doors sliding wardrobe. The wardrobe will fit into available space of your bedroom, exactly the way it should.

The wardrobe will have a general profile consisting of classic high gloss wenge. Its front panels in left and right direction are made of thermo oak melamine that promises longer life due to its strength and rigidness. The middle front panel is made of silver mirrored glass, bringing about a hint of contemporary look to ensure that your bedroom looks updated with present trends.

This wardrobe was installed in Marylebone region. If you like our wardrobe designs just contact Bravo London and the rest will be taken care of by professional and highly experienced designers, as they excel in it.