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A sleek black dresser with a glossy finish stands against a white wall, resembling the elegance of St. James's Park. On top of the dresser are two matching shiny black table lamps with textured bases. To the left, there's a free standing glass display cabinet showcasing fine collectibles. The room has dark wood flooring.
A sleek, glossy black sideboard with both its cabinet doors open, revealing empty shelves inside. This free-standing unit is topped with two tall, ornate black lamps with intricate silver bases. The sideboard stands on a dark, modern wooden floor in a minimalist room.
A sleek, modern glass display cabinet with doors reveals an array of glassware on mirrored shelves. A reflective, black-topped table holds a silver lamp with a black shade and a box filled with various items. The space, reminiscent of the elegance around St. James's Park, is lit by small ceiling lights.
Interior of a modern room featuring a sleek glass display cabinet with six shelves, some holding glassware. A black and silver lamp sits atop a glossy black cabinet. To the left, a large window with wooden trim is partially covered by blinds, offering a view reminiscent of St. James's Park.

Beautiful free standing unit and glass display cabinet – St. James’s Park

Despite the fact you most probably heard about BRAVO as a wardrobe manufacturer, we also specialize in producing matching furniture, free standing units, tv units and glass display cabinets.

If you are looking for a sophisticated bespoke display unit and glass cabinet your probably should spend few minutes of your time and chek out the photos you will find below. This beautiful glass display cabinet was installed at St.James’s Park area together with amazing free standing unit made in modern style. The owner of the property decided to make a bar inside this display unit.