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A modern, dark wood wardrobe with open shelves and multiple drawers is positioned against a light-colored wall. As a statement piece, it draws attention while a large window on the right side allows natural light into the room, illuminating both the furniture and white walls.

Now that’s what I call a statement piece!

When we first visited Raj, it was clear that he had the space and the desire to make a real statement piece. His grand ideas meant that we could go to town on the designs and we were excited to get started.

We didn’t rush the design stage as it’s so imperative that we really understand what’s important to our customers and that they get a good feel for the finished product. Before we start the build. Once we’d made sure that Raj was completely happy with the drawings, we fitted the wardrobe within around three weeks.

Raj decided to go with a spacious truffle brown woodgrain finish for his sliding door wardrobe. Although the piece has the durability that you expect from melamine, the unnatural wood grooves give a rich, luxurious finish and the aluminium profile which we created, adds a nice bit of detail.

The pearl white glass panels are a superb choice as they complement the darkness of the wood panels to create a standout design.  The inside of the wardrobe is finished in the same dark wood colour which maximises the impact in the room.

The addition of the soft-close shoe drawers means that Raj really can hide away all his clothes and shoes behind the sliding doors so there really is no excuse for being untidy.

The downlighters add a warm tone to the room and accentuate the design of the space. This large sliding door wardrobe really can home the largest of clothes collections.