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A minimalist room featuring a closed white door at the right. Beside it, a white built-in cabinet with one open shelf and two closed drawers provides a clean finish. A large, frosted glass sliding door on the left creates an illusion of space, while in the background, a window view of other buildings is visible.

Creating the illusion of space with a clean, crisp finish

These tidy little wardrobes were installed recently for a lovely lady who wanted to make the most of the space in her bedroom.

They are made from premium white melamine, which works extremely well in creating the illusion of more space. Rather than making a big statement, the matte white surface blends well into any room. The aluminium profile and frosted glass add an element of prestige in a subtle yet stylish way, and the push-close drawers are testament to the quality of the build.

As you can see from the pics, Joana was keen to have a trouser rail included in the designs to keep trousers neat and tidy and reduce the amount of time she spends ironing!

We worked closely with Joana throughout the design phase to make sure we incorporated her needs, and once the designs were complete, we installed the wardrobes within three weeks. The fit was completed in a day, so by the time Joana’s husband was home from work, his clothes were neatly organised and tidied away.

A great project that made such a difference to a lovely room.

There’s a ten-year warranty on every build, so that’s ten years you don’t need to worry about ironing your trousers, Joana.