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A modern home office with sleek black sliding door cabinets, open shelves with books, and binders. The room features a large glass desk with dual monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, and office supplies. A black ergonomic chair and large windows with a scenic view complete the setup.

Mancave or Home Office?

I’d like to challenge the premise that men are untidy, disorganised, and messy.

I’d like to do that by taking you back to the day – when the man of the house had a garage, workshop or shed.  They’d spend hours tinkering with this or that and the space would be perfectly organised – a space for nuts and bolts, offcuts of wood… you name it – everything in its place, perfectly labelled and neatly packed away.

So – why is it that the modern man has a bad name for not clearing up after themselves?  Socks on the floor, coffee cups not ending up in the dishwasher… wives can often be heard jibing at their husband’s messy nature.

So how can we harness the enthusiasm for tidiness that is often well-hidden?  How can we work with the inner Mr. Neat and bring it into the 21st century?

Put it this way – I know men who categorise the contents of their freezer, or their jazz collection… there’s bookshelves full of all different authors and genres and even excel spreadsheets for things you didn’t even think you needed an excel spreadsheet for.

So is it all about the home office? Or the mancave as I like to call it?  Is it about having a space to call their own? I’m thinking purpose-built storage, wall-to-wall shelves, tailor-made cupboards for the record collection.

Could it be that you’re imagining not even having to leave your super-charged office chair (with wheels) to find what you’re looking for. You could save soooo much time searching for things you’ve lost if everything has its place.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, a mancave can double-up as a place for you to work-from-home, a hideaway from the kids! That’s the practical use of the room, the mancave is the balance of fun vs business.

Here at Bravo London we create mancaves! We visit your home for coffee… or beer, we research ideas and together we design you a mancave. One that you’re proud to keep tidy…. And clean… or is clean pushing it?