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A bedroom with a large wooden wardrobe covering one wall serves as a perfect storage solution. The room features a white bed with a gray blanket, a modern round light on the floor, a large abstract painting, and red accent walls. Bright natural light streams in from a large window on the left.

Corner wardrobes – because life isn’t always straightforward

There’s a common misconception that a wardrobe has to be straight. If you’re lucky, yours is tall and straight so you can fit everything you need in there. We’re here for everyone who doesn’t have level floors and high, straight walls that are perfectly streamlined for an off-the-peg wardrobe from the high street.

Here at Bravo London, we change the rules. We think that wardrobes should be any shape you want them to be!

We often turn up to an initial design visit to find that the customer wants a gigantic wardrobe in a tight space. They don’t have a large, spare wall for their wardrobe, so it’s up to us to create a lot of storage space from a tight corner.

This is where our design skills come into play! We get our toolkit out, we measure up, and we create a perfectly bespoke wardrobe to fit the space. Corners, low ceilings, or individual style are all part of the service!

Just like a recent bedroom we transformed.

We created two perfectly-formed, matching wardrobes in a premium white, woodgrain material. One of the wardrobes was for a straightforward space on a straight wall of the bedroom, so we created plenty of shelves and hanging space to fit around the client’s needs and wants.

And then we created additional storage in one of the corners. The clean, crisp finish means that the storage is not the main feature of the room – it’s stylish and impressive, but it allows you to add personality in other ways.

The corner wardrobe has push-open hinged doors – no handles needed so they look extra slick.

Oh, and the shoe drawer… We handcrafted a special shoe drawer. That’s another success story we’re super proud of.