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A modern living room in London features a tall, dark brown glass display cabinet with open doors. Adjacent to it is a matching shelving unit holding various bottles and a drum. The room has tile flooring, a luxurious brown leather chair, and a partial view of a window showcasing bespoke joinery.
A luxurious living space featuring glass-front cabinets filled with collectibles and a variety of glassware. The dark wood joinery contrasts with the light-colored walls and floor tiles. A sliding glass door is in the background, allowing natural light to illuminate the room, reminiscent of a sophisticated London flat.

London’s luxurious joinery

Bravo London are proud to present some luxurious joinery recently installed.

Here is a great example of a classic yet contemporary piece designed and installed by Bravo London. The veneer spray painted show cabinet reflects our quality and practice perfectly and crafted and created with great time and care.

The small details and wood groves is what gives the cabinet that expensive professional edge that is difficult to find when dealing With your average carpenter. This cabinet is something that is respected by anyone’s taste and personal preference due to the high standard we produce.  The transparent glass gives an element of luxury making it desirable by anyone’s standard. The technicality and professionalism reflects of all our projects as all of them are done with precision and accuracy. However this piece of joinery is key example of luxury and extravagance that we can produce.