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A sketch of a modern kitchen and dining area featuring a large window. The kitchen island has bar stools, and the dining area showcases a wall mural with faces and abstract elements. Inspired by customer feedback, the space has a minimalist design with clean lines and neutral colors.

Customer feedback

My personal experience with Bravo London

Giving a customer feedback is always a challenge. Every young girl dreams to have their own home one day. A home to call our own, once you have it you want it to be perfect, you want it to be the dream home you always desired. Some areas in your home you see potential in enhances your imagination by great quantity. However sometimes other things get in the way.

I wanted my kids to have a life I never had. My clothes always got lost or stolen by my siblings and we never had space to keep track of our things. So I decided to design my kids a walk in wardrobe because I could relate to their frustration.

I researched and visited a lot of made to measure wardrobe specialists but got hooked with the services and professionalism of www.bravolondon.co.uk. Now I have a beautiful walk in wardrobe and my life has been become blissful by non-complaining kids and space for myself which is something a mum never has! The complaints about dressing space have stopped; the other ones however are still a problem. Her are just some of the advantages of having a walk in wardrobe designed and installed by www.bravolondon.co.uk.

My kids have started to locate their clothing items without going through a dramatic ordeal where the whole house was turned upside down, cleaned by me of course. They now take pride in the clothes and look after each item because it is kept in convenient places.

Not only do they have more space to put their shoes, clothes and other accessories but also it is easier for them to organize all these items in the walk in wardrobe. Meaning certain types of clothing can be found in a short amount of time. Each item has a specific place so there is less complaints in the morning with the comment ‘it’s just gone!’

The fight for the mirror has also mellowed down as one uses the washroom mirror whereas the other one uses the wardrobe mirror. Which means I can get dressed and ready in peace, which was unheard of.

The equity of my house has increased which is another bonus. The real estate dealer who is also a friend told me that the value of a home goes up when such accessories have been added to the house which means I can get some money back for the wardrobe I wanted.

Bravo London toke all my ideas into consideration which exceeded my expectations and created a design which had small details that could not be made by any other company. All my ideas were made bigger and more effective such as my daughter having a special snug section for her to go sit in with a light and book shelf. As she has trouble to find have her own space because her younger brother torments her. Bravo London captured our family’s characteristics and personality perfectly which was designed and installed with love and great detail. The customer service was superb, friendly and understanding when I wanted to change small details. I was in complete control throughout the whole service and felt comfortable communicating with them if I had any new ideas. They gave me great price, clear quotation as to how the price was calculated and the technical drawing which was exactly like the wardrobe I had installed. The quality was excellent for the price given and would recommend them to everyone I know.

I am now on my way to getting my home perfect which I thought would have taken years. I am now wanting more things produced by bravo London because there amazing quality and immense variety to choose from. Thank you so much Bravo London to put me on the right path to make my home perfect and making my dreams come true. Here is my feedback as it is