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A cozy seating area with a light pink cushioned chair next to a small round table. The table holds potted plants, including a fern and succulent. A large artificial palm stands beside the table, complementing the greens and pinks color scheme, while a textured wall hanging decorates the dark wall.

3 Tips on Using Greens and Pinks in Your Home Interior Colour Scheme

Green and Pink colour interiors are simply great – they are one of our favourite colour combinations! Considering green and pink is actually on the opposite sides of the colour wheels, they feel so in balance with one another and actually elegantly complement one another – and if your using whites and blacks alongside the pink and greens it can create a fresh and a bolder overall look

We suggest blending dark greens and pale pinks as a great way to create a relaxed and yet glamorous atmosphere in your home. We have come up with a few tips on how you can rock those dark greens and pale pinks in your home colour schemes.

1. Choose your dominant colours
You need to pink one or the other! In order to create a complimentary colour scheme in your home you will need to pick one colour as your dominant. This will help create a truly well designed and coordinated effort of a modern and classy feel, which will just radiate attraction

2. Add Balancing Colours
To create a fresher feel, don’t shy away from using neutral tones like white and black. Warm metallic colours (gold, bronze etc.) also work very well and do a lot to compliment your room.

3. Create Depth

Use different shades of green to create a feeling of depth in the rooms. Using plants is also great way of achieving this. Not only do plants create a feeling of depth with various green colours, the accents and textures (+O2) they provide totally complete that styled interior finish.