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Surrey estate storage solutions made by Bravo London

No matter your profession, every person has a lot of possessions that needs to be stored efficiently and as neatly as possible. But without the proper equipment built for this purpose, you will be fighting a losing battle. A custom built wardrobe will change the look of your room and make your life much easier to handle. You will be able to organize yourself much better and your house will also look much more stylish than ever before.

Custom Wardrobes offer you tons of options!

Like you would expect, a custom job is not at all like a usual furniture purchase where you buy a piece whose design you like and hope it would fit in with the theme of your room. With a custom wardrobe solution, you can specify every aspect of the wardrobe that you can imagine, from the color of the exteriors and interiors to the materials to be used to build them. Very often, it is critical to take into consideration the surroundings of the wardrobe before manufacturing begins. For example, if you have a house with low ceilings or a slanted one, the wardrobe needs to follow the shape of the ceiling for the best fit and look. Such details are taken care of by Bravo London.

Sliding door wardrobes are very stylish

When making wardrobes, it is better if they are sleek and elegant. One way to do this is by using materials that blend into the surroundings and by using more of glass and mirrors to build a cutting edge wardrobe. If you’d like to have a see-through wardrobe which greatly increases convenience of use, you can use glass as the wardrobe’s door material. If you want it covered, then there are many types of wood and even materials like leather that can be used.

Ideal for smaller homes and rooms

Sliding doors wardrobes are extremely easy-to-use and they don’t take up more space like hinged doors that need to open outwards. So, if you have a compact house, a wardrobe with sliding doors will be the most suited and good looking storage solution. However, you may choose any of the wardrobe options available through Bravo London.

Mirrored sliding wardrobes are naturally Multi-purpose

Many people these days prefer wardrobes that have a mirrored sliding door because it is a valuable add-on to your dressing room. Who doesn’t like a large mirror in their dressing room that helps them check themselves out whenever they feel like? No one! It also makes the room seem more spacious and ultra-modern. No matter what your storage needs and wishes are, Bravo London’s wardrobe creation services will be able to make them come true in a truly stylish and functional way so just call us for an appointment.