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A spacious room in the Surrey estate storage features large glass-paneled cabinets filled with various high heels and handbags. A mannequin dressed in a black-and-white striped skirt stands in front of the cabinets. The room has cream-colored walls and carpeting, with the Bravo London logo in the corner.
A spacious room features a large window with sheer curtains, allowing a view of the outdoors. A white built-in shelving and cabinet unit with a desk, drawers, and glass-fronted cabinets offers elegant storage solutions against the wall. The logo "BRAVO London" is at the bottom right corner.
A room with light beige walls and carpet features a mannequin with the Mona Lisa painted on it, a large mirrored wardrobe with glass sections, and a window with sheer curtains overlooking a green garden. The words "Bravo London" and "Surrey Estate Storage" are on the bottom right.
A spacious room in a Surrey estate features a large glass-doored closet filled with neatly organized shoes and handbags on shelves. To the right, a mannequin displays a stylish black and white striped gown. The Bravo London storage solutions ensure everything is perfectly in place, bathed in natural light from a partially visible window.
A spacious, well-lit dressing room in a Surrey estate with a large mirror on the left wall, several built-in shelves for smart storage solutions, a white dresser with a vanity mirror, and a mannequin holding an extravagant hat. The room boasts beige carpet and a floor-to-ceiling window on the right side. The "BRAVO LONDON" logo is in the bottom right corner.
A spacious room features a built-in white wardrobe with drawers, shelves, and a glass display section holding various items including a mannequin head. Large windows with sheer curtains on the right offer a view of a green, manicured garden. The wall has "Bravo London" written on it—an elegant touch for Surrey estate storage solutions.
A bright room is furnished with a white modular wardrobe that includes drawers, cabinets, and a central mirror, exemplifying Bravo London's premium storage solutions. A mannequin with accessories is placed on the left, and sheer curtains cover a large window on the right. The logo "BRAVO LONDON" is visible in the bottom right corner.
A chic, neutral-toned bedroom features a modern vanity unit with a large mirror, storage drawers, and glass cabinets—perfect Surrey estate storage solutions. A mannequin with a hat, an ottoman, and sheer curtains that allow natural light to stream in complete the elegant setup. The wall displays a "BRAVO LONDON" logo.
A well-lit, spacious room with glass doors opening to a garden. Inside, there's a display shelf filled with colorful shoes, a mannequin dressed in a striped gown, and light-colored curtains partially drawn to the sides. The Bravo London logo is visible in the corner.
A spacious room in a Surrey estate with large glass doors opening to a lush garden. The room features shelves filled with various colorful shoes and a dress form adorned in a black and white striped dress. Light curtains frame the doors, and the room is brightly lit by natural light, echoing the elegance of Bravo London.
A spacious room with large glass doors opening to a garden. The room features a wall of built-in glass cabinets filled with organized items, reminiscent of Surrey estate storage style. A dress form wearing a black and white striped gown is positioned near the right side. Cream-colored curtains adorn the windows.
A well-lit room with a large glass door overlooking a garden. The room features Bravo London storage solutions, including a white unit with shelves, drawers, and a mirrored section. A dress form with a painting attached stands in the corner. The floor is carpeted, and white curtains frame the door.
A hallway in the Surrey estate storage area features a display with four mannequin heads adorned in wigs and hats on shelves. Natural light filters through a window at the end, highlighting the stylish setup. The "BRAVO London" logo is elegantly placed in the bottom right corner of the image.
A well-lit room featuring a display shelf with five mannequin heads, each adorned with different wigs and hats. Shelves above hold various accessories, showcasing Bravo London's Surrey estate storage solutions. A sliding glass door in the background opens to a lush green yard, with the BRAVO London logo visible in the bottom right.
A spacious closet area with shelves displaying mannequins adorned with various wigs and hats. The cream-colored drawers and shelves enhance the elegance, including a handbag on the top shelf. The closet opens to a well-lit hallway with carpeted flooring and graceful railings. "Bravo London" graces the lower right, reminiscent of a Surrey estate storage.
A small walk-in closet with wig stands and shelves holding various accessories, epitomizing Bravo London's style for Surrey estate storage solutions. Beyond the closet, a room with a mannequin and large window overlooking a green outdoor area is visible. The walls are light-colored, adorned with framed art. The floor is carpeted in beige.
A spacious, carpeted room with large glass doors and windows, allowing natural light to flood the space. The room features white walls, a display case with multiple rows of shoes, and a mannequin dressed in a black and white striped dress—ideal for showcasing Bravo London's finest storage solutions.
A modern entertainment room featuring a red pool table on the left, a white shelving unit with glass shelves and mirrors centrally, and a wall-mounted TV on the right. The room, reminiscent of a Bravo London design, has recessed lighting and a wooden door in the background.
A modern room in a Surrey estate features a built-in, white storage unit with a long countertop and cabinetry. The unit has multiple drawers and shelves, and a large mirror reflects the room. A slanted ceiling with recessed lighting adds to the contemporary look. The Bravo London logo is visible on the bottom right.
A modern, white built-in cabinet with a large mirror backsplash in a well-lit room. The cabinet features multiple sleek drawers and shelves for storage, perfect for any Surrey estate storage needs. A small window is visible in the background, with the "BRAVO London" logo in the bottom right corner.
A minimalist, modern hallway with white cabinetry featuring textured doors, a mirrored wall, and open shelving—a perfect Surrey estate storage solution. An angled ceiling with recessed lighting and a single window provide natural light. A logo reading "Bravo London" is in the bottom right corner.
Built-in wardrobe system with textured white doors and large mirrored panels. The floor is carpeted in light beige. Modern LED strip lighting enhances the room, complemented by a window reflecting natural light. One of the wardrobe panels features "BRAVO London," adding a touch of Surrey estate storage elegance.
A modern room featuring Bravo London's built-in cabinet with glossy, reflective surfaces and a wavy textured design on the lower drawers. This Surrey estate storage solution is primarily white, with sections of open shelving on the right. The room has recessed lighting and a window in the background.
Modern home bar with white cabinetry, a built-in wine rack, glass shelving, and a wine refrigerator. The sleek design features mirrored panels and recessed lighting. A doorway is visible in the background, along with a wall-mounted TV—ideal for any Surrey estate storage solution.
A modern room in a Surrey estate features a beige carpet and a sleek white built-in cabinet with glass shelves, a wine rack, and a wine fridge. A large mirror spans part of the wall above the unit. Across the room on the left, a TV is visible. Bravo London design at its finest.
A grand, two-story Surrey estate mansion with beige exterior walls and a triangular pediment above the entrance. The home features large windows and a well-maintained brick driveway. Lush green shrubs and trees surround the property. The logo "Bravo London" is visible in the bottom right corner.
A large, elegant, two-story cream-colored mansion with many windows and classical architectural elements stands as a testament to refined living. The house has a central entrance with columns and a small balcony above. A spacious, paved driveway and well-manicured shrubs complete the scene. Bravo London logo in the lower right corner.
A large, elegant white house with a manicured garden is partially obscured by a tall, neatly trimmed hedge. The house, located in Surrey and offering premier estate storage solutions, sits along a quiet, tree-lined street under a cloudy sky. The logo "Bravo London" is visible in the bottom right corner.
A large white house with multiple chimneys and dormer windows is partially obscured by a well-manicured hedge and lush green lawn. The house, a fine Surrey estate, is set among tall trees on a quiet, sunny street. The image is branded with the logo "Bravo London" in the bottom right corner.
A large, white two-story house with a gated entrance surrounded by dense green hedges and trees. The house has multiple windows and a neatly paved driveway, with a well-maintained lawn in front. The sky is partly cloudy. "Bravo London" is visible on the image, hinting at Surrey estate storage solutions.
A large, elegant, two-story white house with a gated entrance and a neatly paved driveway. The property is surrounded by lush greenery, including well-maintained hedges and trees. The sky above is partly cloudy. A "BRAVO LONDON" logo in the bottom right corner signifies this Surrey estate storage solution.
A large, two-story, white mansion with multiple windows, symmetrical architecture, and a triangular pediment above the entrance. The house features a neatly maintained front yard and a wide, paved driveway. Trees and shrubs surround the property. Ideal for those seeking Surrey estate storage solutions from Bravo London.
A large, elegant cream-colored mansion with multiple windows and a central balcony. The house has a grand entrance, a spacious driveway with a brick pattern, and is surrounded by neatly trimmed bushes. Adjacent to the main house on this Surrey estate is a Bravo London storage building with two black garage doors.

Surrey estate storage solutions made by Bravo London

No matter your profession, every person has a lot of possessions that needs to be stored efficiently and as neatly as possible. But without the proper equipment built for this purpose, you will be fighting a losing battle. A custom built wardrobe will change the look of your room and make your life much easier to handle. You will be able to organize yourself much better and your house will also look much more stylish than ever before.

Custom Wardrobes offer you tons of options!

Like you would expect, a custom job is not at all like a usual furniture purchase where you buy a piece whose design you like and hope it would fit in with the theme of your room. With a custom wardrobe solution, you can specify every aspect of the wardrobe that you can imagine, from the color of the exteriors and interiors to the materials to be used to build them. Very often, it is critical to take into consideration the surroundings of the wardrobe before manufacturing begins. For example, if you have a house with low ceilings or a slanted one, the wardrobe needs to follow the shape of the ceiling for the best fit and look. Such details are taken care of by Bravo London.

Sliding door wardrobes are very stylish

When making wardrobes, it is better if they are sleek and elegant. One way to do this is by using materials that blend into the surroundings and by using more of glass and mirrors to build a cutting edge wardrobe. If you’d like to have a see-through wardrobe which greatly increases convenience of use, you can use glass as the wardrobe’s door material. If you want it covered, then there are many types of wood and even materials like leather that can be used.

Ideal for smaller homes and rooms

Sliding doors wardrobes are extremely easy-to-use and they don’t take up more space like hinged doors that need to open outwards. So, if you have a compact house, a wardrobe with sliding doors will be the most suited and good looking storage solution. However, you may choose any of the wardrobe options available through Bravo London.

Mirrored sliding wardrobes are naturally Multi-purpose

Many people these days prefer wardrobes that have a mirrored sliding door because it is a valuable add-on to your dressing room. Who doesn’t like a large mirror in their dressing room that helps them check themselves out whenever they feel like? No one! It also makes the room seem more spacious and ultra-modern. No matter what your storage needs and wishes are, Bravo London’s wardrobe creation services will be able to make them come true in a truly stylish and functional way so just call us for an appointment.