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A wooden fitted sliding door wardrobe with open shelving and closet space. The wardrobe features a combination of horizontal and vertical shelves as well as hanging space on both sides. A large mirrored section on the right side reflects part of the room's interior.
A modern wooden fitted sliding door wardrobe with a built-in shelving unit and several drawers on the right. The wardrobe features sliding doors, one of which is a mirror. The background shows patterned wallpaper and a window, with a ceiling fan visible above.

East Barnet Fitted Sliding Door Wardrobe

Fitted Wardrobe with Sliding doors was installed earlier this week in East Barnet area in North London.

This Project was completed within 2 weeks which reflects our lead time perfectly. For this project we have crafted unique sliding wardrobe doors with mirror and lacquered glass framed into High Gloss Wenge Square Aluminium profiles. Inside the wardrobe we have used Egger melamine. If you would like to have similar project installed in your property, please let us know and we will arrange a free visit of one of our designers, who will get you a free design and estimate.