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A room featuring a large white sliding door wardrobe along one wall. Colorful toy balls are scattered on the wooden floor, and a green and yellow ride-on toy car is present in the foreground, capturing that distinctive London style. The logo "BRAVO LONDON" is visible in the bottom right corner.
Sliding Doors – London Style
A well-lit room showcases premium quality bespoke furniture, including a dark wooden cabinet with glass doors displaying various items, such as bottles and glassware. To the right, another shelving unit holds more bottles and decorative pieces. A leather couch sits to the left.
Premium Quality Bespoke Furniture
A built-in closet with white shelving units and sliding doors. The closet has several empty shelves and a four-drawer dresser on the right side. Below the shelves, there is an empty shoe rack. The overall look, complemented by the soft green hue of the doors, is clean and minimalistic.
Sliding doors – Wood Green Style!
A wooden modular closet with multiple compartments. The closet features open shelves on the top and sides, with a stack of four drawers in the center and a sliding door for added convenience. The logo "BRAVO LONDON" is visible at the bottom right corner.
Stunning sliding door Champagne Two-Piece
A bright and modern Ealing bedroom with a large bay window, stunning sliding doors, a double bed adorned with purple and green pillows, and a plush white duvet. The room features mirrored wardrobes, a wooden dresser with a mirror, and a corner shelving unit. Ceiling lights illuminate the space.
Stunning Sliding Doors for Ealing – Bravo Style!
A custom-fitted wardrobe in Bravo style installed in an attic, featuring a slanted right side that aligns with the ceiling. The wardrobe has three vertical cabinet doors on the left and five horizontal drawers on the right, below a small skylight window on a beige carpeted floor in Walthamstow.
Sliding doors for Walthamstow – Bravo style!