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A sleek, minimalist Hampstead wardrobe with sliding doors. The doors are a light beige color, and the central compartment is open, revealing several shelves above two small drawer units. The flooring is herringbone patterned hardwood, complementing the wardrobe's design.
Sliding doors for West Hampstead!
A modern, spacious built-in wardrobe with dark wood paneling and sliding doors. It features multiple shelves, hanging spaces, and three open drawers on the right side. A large window is visible on the right, allowing natural light into the room with light-colored wooden flooring.
Statement style sliding wardrobe doors!
A modern Verona Style wooden wardrobe features open shelving, drawers, and hanging rods. The sliding doors are partially open, revealing the storage compartments inside. The upper panels of the wardrobe doors are light-colored, contrasting with the darker wood.
Verona Style Sliding Doors!
A modern wooden wardrobe with sliding doors is partly open, revealing neatly organized shelves and compartments. A pull-out drawer with multiple sections is extended. A bronzed mirror accents the interior, adding a touch of elegance. A logo in the bottom left corner reads "BRAVO LONDON." The flooring is light-colored wood.
Bronzed Mirror Sliding Door wardrobe!
A modern modular closet with open drawers and shelves, showcasing ample storage space. The closet features luxurious sliding doors in a chic combination of black and white, perfectly suited for an Edgware residence. In a well-lit room, the "BRAVO London" logo is visible at the bottom left corner.
Luxurious Sliding Doors for Edgware – Bravo Style!
A spacious walk-in closet with a modern, Bravo style design featuring sliding doors. The closet includes multiple shelving units, a small chest of drawers with two drawers, and ample space for hanging clothes. It also boasts a white glass corner wardrobe and light wood finishes for a chic monochromatic look.
White Glass Corner Wardrobe – Bravo Style