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A staircase with an under-stair storage solution. The storage comprises pull-out drawers and a hinged door for efficient use of space, adding to your landing cupboard storage ideas. The design is minimalistic, featuring white drawers and wood accents on the stair banister and steps.

Landing Cupboard Storage Ideas to Utilise Unused Space

If you live in a home that has limited storage space, you’ll want to utilise every nook and cranny possible. Landing cupboards can be an extremely useful storage space for your home, but unfortunately are often left neglected and cluttered. Some people may be fooled by the cupboards’ small footprint, while others might not know how best to organise the space to make the most of it. Whatever the reason that you’ve neglected this potentially useful space, we’ve put together a list of tips that will help you make the most of your landing cupboards. Whether you have a small or spacious landing, these storage ideas will help you maximise every inch of potential storage space.


Floating shelves

Installing additional shelving can really help to maximise the wall space in your landing. Not only are floating shelves a great way to create additional storage options, they can also help to add a decorative touch to the small space. Whether you use these shelves for displaying your favourite decor pieces or small storage boxes, a floating shelf is a perfect storage option for anyone looking to decorate their interiors with functional yet stylish additions.


Over-the-door storage

Make the most of your landing cupboard door by installing over-the-door organisers for your landing cupboard. These storage accessories usually come in hooks or racks that are perfect for hanging up umbrellas, coats, and hats. By taking advantage of this additional vertical space, you’ll be able to free up valuable floor space and keep everything you need within easy reach. If you’re looking to put together a coat rack that won’t take up any additional floorspace, these over-the-door hooks are the perfect option for your home.


Hooks and hangers

Alongside the over-the-door storage accessories, you can also attach hooks and hangers to any additional wall space in your landing cupboard. These will be especially useful if you or your guests need that additional storage in the hallway to hang any coats or bags in a way that still keeps them accessible, streamlined, and stylish. If you’re working on creating storage for a small landing, hooks, hangers, and racks are sure to be a useful storage idea.


Fitted cabinets

For more precise and organised storage, we recommend installing fitted cabinets. Fitted cabinets are custom made to fit the unique dimensions of your space, helping to create extra clutter-free storage options that won’t take up any additional space in your hallway. The best part about fitted cupboards is that since they are made to measure, they’ll be able to fit into your space perfectly regardless of any awkward angles, sloping ceilings, or hard-to-reach corners.

Whether you want to use this space as a cloakroom or just want to maximise storage in your landing, fitted hallway cabinets are designed to perfectly and seamlessly fit your space for the perfect landing cupboard.


Drawer dividers

If you’ve already installed your bespoke cabinets and drawers but are looking to create a more organised system, try using drawer dividers to create small compartments within the drawers. These dividers are especially useful if you’ll be storing smaller items that can get easily mixed up. By keeping your items separated with dividers, you’ll be left with more organised and tidy drawers for your landing cupboard.


Shoe racks and organisers

Shoes can often end up in a messy pile by your landing and hallway, which can slowly turn into a big problem as your shoe collection grows. To keep your shoes looking tidy, invest in a set of shoe racks and organisers which you’ll be able to place at the bottom of your landing cupboard. By doing so, you’ll be able to create a dedicated shoe storage area that won’t block your hallway while also providing easy access.


Under stair storage

You may also consider using the space underneath the stairs for additional storage. By installing custom fitted drawers, you’ll be able to create a storage solution that’s both effective yet discreet. Under stair storage is great for storing any items you don’t regularly use, such as seasonal decor pieces. If you’re looking to clear up some space in your landing or hallway, these custom made cabinets will make for a convenient under stair storage solution.


Tall shelves

When working with small spaces like hallways and landings, maximising vertical space is one of the best ways to create additional storage. Take advantage of your landing cupboards’ entire height by installing tall shelves or storage units. This will help to create an efficient floor-to-ceiling storage solution to help maximise as much of your landing’s space.


Cubbies and bins

Cubbies and bins are another effective and easy way to create a customised storage solution for your landing cupboard. These small compartments are able to store items of all sizes – simply use the smaller cubbies for accessories like sunglasses and the larger cubbies for shoes and bags. You can also label each cubby and bin to ensure easy and efficient organisation.


Curtains or screens

If you’re looking to create a more hidden storage solution in your hallway, you can use curtains or screens to hide your landing cupboard. This will help you keep the clutter out of sight with a touch of style. You can also opt for curtains that complement your home’s interior decor and existing furniture to create a seamless look to your landing storage solution.


Transform your landing storage today

While you may have viewed your landing cupboard as a messy and chaotic nook, this small space actually packs a lot of storage potential. With a bit of creative thinking and the right design, you’ll be able to transform this unused corner of your home into a functional storage space that will help you lead a more organised and clutter-free life. 

We hope this blog has helped provide you with some ideas on how to maximise storage in your landing cupboard. From fitted cupboards to hooks and hangers, there are plenty of storage options and accessories that will help you organise your landing as efficiently as possible. But remember, the key to creating the perfectly organised landing cupboard is to tailor the design according to your personal storage needs. With this in mind, you’ll be able to use some innovative design ideas and maximise your landing cupboards storage potential.

Looking to install custom cupboards for your landing and hallway? At Bravo London we excel at creating bespoke fitted furniture designed to fit seamlessly into your home. Simply contact our team of experts or book your free design visit today and we’ll help you set up your perfect fitted cupboards, from the initial design phases all the way to installation.